3 Fantastic Cafes To Refuel In Copenhagen

When I embarked on my most recent trip to Copenhagen, I always thought the Danish were slightly dramatic when talking about how bitterly cold their winters get and they couldn’t be much worse than London. With this naivety, I went completely underprepared for how cold it does get, especially with the Nordic winds hitting your face like icicles. They definitely have the idea of “hygge” down, as you need all the warmth you can get. Especially, as I thought I could get away with trainer socks and converse on my first day when it was minus two degrees.

The warmest place whilst exploring the sights of Copenhagen is by no means a surprise, their cafes. Not only that, they have some of the most gorgeous cafes around the city, which great for us as I think we totalled up eight cafe visits across our three days in Copenhagen. We really did need regular warm drinks to thaw ourselves out!

Out of all the gorgeous and quirky places to warm up, three of them really stood out to me as worth visiting and here’s why.

Bertels Salon

Bertels Salon Cafe, Copenhagen

We found Bertels Salon purely by chance, as we took the wrong turning down one of the side streets on the way to Nyhavn. We stopped in our tracks when we passed the gorgeous selection of unique flavoured cheesecakes on offer. My best friend just looked at each other and said “Is it wrong to have cheesecake for lunch?”, not on holiday, it is not. Stepping in, we were greeted by a lovely lady who was running the shop. With a huge selection of exotic fruit and biscuit flavoured cheesecakes, we were spoilt for choice. I ordered the cookie cheesecake and Lizzy went for the raspberry brownie cheesecake. Both were excellent and well worth the naughty lunch.

Lagkagehuset Cafe

Lagkagehuset Cafe, Copenhagen

One of our “must dos” in Copenhagen was to find a typical Danish pastry and with so many options, it was hard to pick just one place. However, whilst searching for the best places to indulge in Denmark’s much-loved treats, we came across Lagkagehuset cafe. Their window was filled with some of the most delicious Danish pastries, we knew we just had to stop off here. If classic Danish pastries don’t take your fancy, there is a range of other cakes and viennoiseries to choose from.

Dina Bar Kafe

Dina Bar Cafe, Copenhagen

I had heard that the luxurious Dina Bar Kafe does some of the best hot chocolate in Copenhagen and I wasn’t going to miss out on such a cafe! After a long day of exploring the local area, including visiting Christansborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle, we found sanctuary with silky, thick hot chocolate with cream on top (which definitely lives up to having the best hot chocolate), and a coffee mousse cake. They have some of the best sweet treats, so definitely leave room to try one of them when visiting.

Have you visited any of the above?

Until next time…