Three ways to incorporate sustainability into your wedding fashion

Sustainability is a word that’s on everybody’s minds right now, as many people continue to look for ways they can make a difference to our planet. Now, you might not immediately associate a grand affair like a wedding with sustainability. However, there are so many different individual elements to any wedding day which can be planned with the planet in mind.

One example is your fashion choices. From your shoes, to the bridesmaid dresses, every bride-to-be will have been caught daydreaming about the sartorial aspects of the day. But if sustainability is important to you, you will want to incorporate this as best you can, whilst still looking like royalty.

Here are three ways you can drop jaws and drop emissions with your eco-friendly wedding fashion.


Shopping from ethical suppliers, who source their natural materials from conflict-free areas is the best way to ensure your jewellery has been crafted with sustainability in mind. Many of the more established jewellers will have sustainability measures in place, but it is worth doing your research before picking a supplier.

Whether you’ve opted for a lab-grown diamond in your engagement ring, or made sure to purchase an ethically-sourced gem, sustainable jewellery starts with your engagement ring. The ring will take centre stage on the big day when it comes to your accessories, and you want to ensure any additional jewellery complements it rather than conceals it.

If you aren’t enamoured with the idea of buying new jewellery just for the big day, ask around. Perhaps there is some jewellery that’s been passed down the generations of your family that you can incorporate into your look, or can you borrow some special pieces from a friend? Not only will it make your wedding-day even more meaningful to your loved ones, but reusing old rings and other jewellery will also tick the sustainability box.


You will be the star of the show on your wedding day, and so you’ll want a dress befitting this status. We know what you’re thinking, it’s difficult enough to find the perfect dress without having to factor in any eco consequences. But in recent years, with a growing demand for sustainable fashion, more and more companies are offering eco-friendly alternatives to the classic bridal frock.

Of course, a popular option for many brides is to wear a pre-owned or rented dress. However, if you have your heart set on owning your very own dress, consider buying from one of the many sustainable wedding brands who develop eco-friendly products and use sustainable manufacturing methods to put your mind at ease.


Another sartorial element to the day which you may not have considered at first is the flowers and corsages worn by the bridal party. Using local suppliers and then working with them to ensure the flowers you do use are in season are two ways to incorporate sustainability into the wedding fashion.

Shopping on online sites like Etsy is another great way to find handcrafted, eco-friendly products to add a more personal touch to your special day. Check out reviews and descriptions of the products before purchasing to ensure they have been made with sustainability in mind.