The Timepiece Edit: Authenticity with eBay

Growing up, I never really had a specific style. I used to throw on the first thing I saw in my wardrobe. As I moved from my late teens into my early twenties, clothes and accessories became the basis of every day life. Finding myself in a new city, there was an opportunity to develop into whoever I was truly destined to be. As I started to discover my style and what kind of clothes suited me best (a lot of shopping on eBay), I found myself taking a great interest in accessories. From belts to bangles and watches to wallets. Accessories played an underestimated part in completing an outfit, and that’s where the story of my avid watch collection began.

Each of my watches are chosen for a specific purpose, based on dial colour, interchangeable straps, style and brand. Beyond that, some have true sentimental value, whether they are cherished heirlooms from my late grandparents or sparks a story whenever worn out and about – definitely a great conversation starter. Most of all, each of my watches are tailored to me as a person and every avid watch collector (or fanatic, as I like to refer to myself) will have their reasons and choices for selecting each of watches within their collection.

Luxury men's watches with eBay

Understandably, building a watch collection isn’t always easy or cost-effective, but finding authentic timepieces are worth the time and effort. Start by doing your research into the kind of watch that’s comfortable for you, suits your style, and brings a level of value, there that be sentimental or practical.

Watch Collection with eBay

Leading online marketplace, eBay, have changed the game for many of us watch fans. The eBay Authenticity Guarantee allows collectors to buy preowned luxury watches with confidence. It takes the stress and worry out of what should be a thrilling experience, especially as most people are familiar with purchasing via eBay and even if you’re not, purchasing your next watch couldn’t be easier, simpler and safer.

Luxury watches

How does the Authenticity Guarantee work? You simply need to look out for the blue Authenticity Guarantee tick in the search results, as well as in the top right of the item page. It generally applies to watches listed in the primary category of wristwatches and those that are sold for £2,000 or more via Fixed Price or Auction listings. eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee ensures all eligible watches are verified by a team of independent authenticators. The watch is posted directly from the authenticator via two-day, signature-required delivery, and best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny to have it authenticated.

Men's watch authentication with eBay

eBay has a number of luxury watches for men, even a few that I have my eye on. If I had to pick my top three favourites, it would be:

  • The Omgea Speedmaster: The elegant black dial with silver hour markers gives a really bold level of detailing, which looks stunning. Omgea also reminds me on my grandfather – I have fond memories of my grandfather talking about Omega watches, so it gives me a sentimental connection to him.
  • The Rolex Datejust 41: Rolex watches have been the ultimate dream to own, which is why I’d go for something that is very specific to my taste and match a lot of the outfits I wear. The blue face complements my love for blue, plus I always have an element of blue in every outfit, so it would be a great staple in my watch collection. Plus, the silver detailing, perfectly fits with the rest of my silver wrist accessories, making it the perfect option.
  • The Tag Heuer Carrera White: I am all about being abstract and different and the blue crocodile skin on the Carrera White gives that extra dimension whilst looking sleek and unique, especially when combined with pearl white dial and ocean blue sub-dials. It’s one I would save for evenings out and as a way to jazz up a simple outfit.

What would be your go to timepiece picks?

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This post is in conjunction with eBay UK but all thoughts are my own.