The English Countryside Comes To Dalloway Terrace

If I had to pick a few of my favourite things about summer, they would be the warm balmy temperatures, al fresco dining, the fresh smell of flowers in bloom and exploring the wonderful British countryside. It’s satisfying on a whole different level — one that can’t be explained, but only experienced. Dalloway Terrace has given Londoners the chance to experience the joys of summer without spending big bucks, bringing the English countryside to their gorgeous terrace. Welcome to the Dalloway Summer Estate.

Their latest floral installation has the terrace dressed up in full bloom, showcasing some of Britans favourite flowers. You can find the likes of cotton white silk daisies, vibrant cosmos, pastel delphiniums with plenty of bottle green foliage, with embellishments of vibrant coral quince blossom.

Dalloway Terrace - English Summer

With every new season, there is an incarnation and this year Dalloway Terrace has gone the extra mile to tickle your tastebuds and give you a truly 360-degree experience. Partnering with Ramsbury, producers of single-estate spirits Ramsbury Gin & Vodka to bring the flavours of the English countryside to your palette.

Drinks in collaboration with Ramsbury Gin & Vodka

The Bell boasted fresh fruity flavours, with notes of apricot, black olive and rosemary mixed with Ramsbury Single Estate Gin, but the Estate Spritz was sweeter with  green apple and basil flavours. With every sip, it transported you to a classic English apple orchard, carrying a wicker basket of apples under the sun, skipping through the narrow rows of trees. Blissfully quintessential.

As someone who regularly brunches on the weekend, I’m always looking for new places to dine. However, Dalloway Terrace regularly draws me in for more, season after season. I have tried many of their delectable dishes, but I was pleased to see an array of new contenders making their way to the brunch menu this summer, the Rainbow Acai Bowl, Avocado & Grilled Plum Tomato, the Burrata, to name a few. I have to admit, the new additions made it harder than ever to make a decision, so we just ended up ordering a couple of our long-standing favourites and a couple of new dishes.

Brunch at Dalloway TerraceSourdough bread, grilled tomatoes and poached eggs

Starting with the savoury dishes, we commenced with an eggy-duo. I went for the Avocado-Plum Tomato but held off the avocado. I was alerted by our waiter that it simply wouldn’t be the same as the avocado makes up the base of the dish. Instead, they tailored the dish to how I wanted it, replacing the avocado with a a layer of grilled juicy, sun-ripe tomatoes with two running poached eggs on top and a sprinkling of chilli flakes.  No request is too small for the wonderful staff at Dalloway Terrace.

Ayla ordered the Campbell and Co Smoked Salmon, served with Guinness brown bread, cream cheese, and the addition of a couple of poached eggs. Double thumbs up from her as she silenty made her way through her savoury dish.

American pancakes with berries and maple syrup

Moving onto sweeter things, Ayla was completely sold by the Buttermilk Pancakes served with berries and lemon curd. They are one of my favourite brunch dishes too, as the pancakes are always made to perfection with a combination of sweet, fruity, and tangy toppings.

Acai bowl

However, my attention was drawn to the Acai Bowl, which I’m totally obsessed with. As much as I loved poached eggs for brunch, having a sweet, refreshing bowl topped with various fruits, nuts and hearty goodness doesn’t go a miss. Especially with a row of cocoa nibs on top, you truly couldn’t go wrong. If you’re an Acai bowl fan, I would definitely recommend ordering it!

Brunch is a true affair at Dalloway Terrace, and it’s taken very seriously. If you want to carry on your afternoon with a few extra cocktails, you have the option of heading into the Coral Room or making a trip downstairs to the Bloomsbury Club bar. Or, you can overcome your food coma by hitting the shops along Oxford Street and getting your fix of cardio by tapping your credit card.

Have you ever dined at Dalloway Terrace?

Until next time…

We were guests at Dalloway Terrace and our experience was complimentary.