Sun, Fun & Food Markets

Four exams down, one more to go. I can finally feel the dark clouds rising and the light shining through the darkness… I am almost done. Just in time for the scorching hot sun to come out to play, could not ask for a better ‘well done’ by mother nature. 
After a long few months of hiding in my room and not leaving the house apart from going to exams and buy the food supplies, it was definitely time to reacquaint myself with some blogging friends. Going from regular meetings and lunch dates to absolutely nothing was a little painful, however I am definitely going to have to ease my way back in to it… 
After not seeing Catherine for a whole three months (even though I thought it was a lot longer… I blame the exam brain/lack of brain) it was time for us to catch up. With Catherine working a short walk away from my university in Oxford Circus, it allowed us to meet up over Catherine’s lunch break.
Catherine being the food connoisseur that she is, I let her chose where we dined for lunch. She came back with a lovely food market called Baker Street Food Market, in Portman Square that only comes around in the summer, for one day per month over a couple of months. It is a sort of you go now, or forever hold your peace for another year type of place. 
After 20 minutes of trying to find Catherine, due to my lack of direction and ability to concentrate on where I was going after a 2 hour Biochemistry exam, we finally reunited!
Food, food, glorious food. That’s all that was going through my head, with a rubbling stomach. Turning my head at every stall we passed, trying to decide what delicious treats to have for lunch. There was so much choice, it was literally the most difficult thing.
However, we decided to get dessert first. Dessert before buying lunch? Priorities. Enough said. Dessert is definitely superior to actual food, I mean… Who can say no to these “Bad Brownies”?!

I just had to go for a Peanut Butter brownie and Catherine went for the flavour of the week, the Raspberry Ripple.
After some further searching for the perfect lunch, it was found at the end of the line of stalls. They do say, they leave the best until last! The most picture perfect toasties by Deeney’s. Oh my, it tasted like heaven with every bite.
Mine being the basic “Just Cheese” with cheese, caramelised onions and rocket. Where on the contrary, Catherine’s “Hamish MacBeth” fully loaded with Hot haggis, bacon, cheese, caramelised onions and rocket. Both agreeing that they were possibly the best toasted we had ever had. Totally worth it, even if we felt super guilty afterwards. 
Smashing food, fantastic weather and fabulous company, what more could one want on a Wednesday afternoon? 
Until next time…