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Men-Ü products

There are so many new products coming out into the market in terms of men’s skincare at the moment, it’s hard to differentiate between what’s good or not. Especially after my last beauty post, I spoke about high end verses drug store concealer. I feel like I might have to take back what I said, as this certainly doesn’t apply to all skincare, especially not Men-Ü. A new brand that I only heard about thanks to Mankind!

A little goes a long way is Men-Ü concept, which I love. Concentrated skincare that does exactly what it says on the bottle and more, without breaking the bank, giving you more for your money. The largest size bottles they do of any product is 100ml, therefore making it small enough to throw into your gym or toiletry bag ready for when you need it. However, if you’re going on a weekend away and aim to take minimal items, they also do small travel size products that last up to 30 applications.

Let’s talk about some of the products I tried out and what I thought of each of them…


Starting off with the Men-Ü shave crème. I was completely and utterly in love with this product. I am generally not a fan of many alternative brands of shaving creams on the market, purely because they don’t give the full lather I like when shaving. However, I only had to put a pea size amount of a damp Men-Ü pro black shaving brush and it covered my entire beard and neck area with such little product, giving a full lather experience. The best part about the crème is it has tea tree oil in it, which is an antibacterial and antiseptic to the skin too preventing spots within the applied areas.


The facial moisturiser lift acts as a moisturiser and after shave balm in one. Personally, I think we are onto a winner here. Especially as when I apply aftershave balm it’s normally so thick I don’t want to put moisturiser on top which neglects my skin from the hydration it needs. However, with this products I don’t have to worry about that! The consistency is great, not too thick but super hydrating and cooling at the same time. It gives the face a bit of a wake-up call too, so it is great to use even when you haven’t just shaved!


Got greasy and oily skin or prone to spots? This product is for you. Not like your average face was that is there to clean, Men-Ü’s healthy facial wash is exactly that, healthy. It not only cleans your skin from grease and dirt, it also protects the skin with added tea tree oil, as mentioned before is great for spot prevention. It has witch hazel, which is also another ingredient that is perfect to clean up the skin, however can be quite drying. To counteract this drying ingredient, Men-Ü have also added aloe vera and pro vitamin B5 to moisturise the skin too. These people think of everything, don’t they?!


The word ‘toner’ seems to scare off too many men, when they don’t realise the true benefits of using it. Men-Ü have cleverly rebranded it to suit the masculine trend and have come up with the matt ‘skin refresh’ gel. Let me tell you why toners are so useful and need to become a part of your skincare routine. Once you have cleansed your face, that is only half the job done. It has just removed the surface layer of dirt and grease but hasn’t really gone deep enough to cleanse out the blocked pores. Now that the surface layer of dirt has been removed, the pores are open which is the best time to clean them out. Applying a toner or in this case, ‘skin refresh gel’, it cleans pores from dirt, impurities whilst reducing the size of pores and tightening the skin.


Nobody likes to use a greasy moisturiser, am I right? Well this is the advantage of picking up a matt moisturiser from Men-Ü. All the benefits of keeping your skin hydrated and nobody will ever know about it. Winning! I also know that many men don’t use moisturiser because they already have oily skin. Oily skin or not, moisturiser is an essential part of your skincare routine, you just need to find the right one that is made for your skin type. The matt moisturiser contains sebum absorbers that actually reduces the amount of grease/oil present on the skin – brilliant! Not only that, but it also eliminates free-radicals that destroy the elasticity of your skin (basically making you age faster than you intend on doing!) leaving your skin fresh, plump and hydrated.

My overall opinion on Men-Ü products? I absolutely love them! They are a real delight to use, so affordable, the product itself lasts a long time so you don’t have to buy a new bottle every month and it really works! Interested? You should be! Men-Ü products can be bought directly from their website or from my lovely friends at Mankind.

Right, i’m off to buy their Deep Clean Clay Mask now!

Until next time…

I was gifted these products from Mankind & Men-Ü, but all opinions are my own.