Close Shave With Dorco Classic Razor

One of my morning rituals shortly after brushing my teeth in the morning is shaving. As someone who keeps a short and neat beard, it is important for me to ensure the surrounding stubble is removed, for extra neatness. I often say, your beard can only be kept in good condition and kept looking its best if quality tools and products are used. For me, this is mainly due to the razor I use. Especially as I like to ensure my beard lines are sharp and straight. To get the best effect, I need to have sharp blades, a razor body that has a flexible head and offers a close and perfect shave.

I recently teamed up with Dorco Razors to see how their razors could help me achieve perfection. The Dorco Classic razor itself arrives in a black box with a pull out drawer, which houses the elegant razor body with one fresh razor attached and a series of 4 razors in a small boxed cartridge.

Dorco Classic Razor

Dorco Classic Razor

My first impressions of the Dorco Classic razor was that it had the most elegant design. I personally love things that are appealing to the eye. Whether they are just meant to do a simple job like shaving, I would pick something that is most aesthetically pleasing over a razor that looks like a massive chunk of metal.

Dorco Classic RazorDorco Classic RazorDorco Classic Razor

It has a black and silver finish that adds a luxury effect to it. It is also super light weight unlike some other razors, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing down your toiletry bag. The 4 replacement blades are also very compact in the cartridge, so you can rest assured that you can take a supply of sharp razors when going travelling for long periods of time. The replacement blades only come when purchased with the razor, but the razor is also available on its own.

Dorco Classic Razor

What makes the Dorco Classic razor so unique is its 7 blade set-up. I have only ever used 3 or 5 blade razors, with 7 precision-aligned blades, making it a world first it is truly life changing. The razor is aligned in such a way to fit micro positioned narrow blades which provides minimum irritation and the closest shave possible. I think it is fantastic that the replacement blades are available at such a budget price for a premium product too.

I often find that I go through razors extremely fast because the blades tend to get clogged up and are not easy to clean. This causes the blades to become blunt quite quickly, but Dorco’s Classic razor is designed to have enough space between the blades for easy cleaning. This ensures you get the full sharpness and lifespan from each razor head.

The razor head moves efficiently, which allows you to glide the razor from your cheek area down over raised, boney jawlines and straight down your neck. The razor does not lose any motion as it has its own honeycomb guard bar, to ensure the razor glides over the skin at all times.

There is also a lubricating strip with antioxidants like Argan oil and Calendula extract. This keeps the skin hydrated, soothes and minimises irritation during shaving. I bet you didn’t know razors could have all these advanced technologies to make shaving a more enjoyable and easy experience?!

Dorco Classic Razor

After using them for a few shaves, I truly realised the true quality of Dorco’s Classic razor. I don’t think I have ever had such a close and comfortable shave from any of my other razors and I have been shaving for many years now.

I am definitely a Dorco convert!

Prices for Dorco Classic start from £8.74 and there’s even free shipping for orders over £10. Click here to buy.

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This post was sponsored and in collaboration with Dorco Razors.