Scrumptious Lunching At Foxcroft & Ginger

Even after two years living in London, I feel like I haven’t fully discovered most of the extraordinary delicious food places tucked away in Soho. Which is how I felt about when I reached Berwick Street yesterday, on my quest to find Foxcroft and Ginger. I found myself thinking… I have never been here before and genuinely sad that I had not, as there seemed to have so many delicious looking restaurants and cafes.

Let me tell you a little bit about Foxcroft and Ginger first, it is an artisan café that specialises in the most exquisite hand made cakes, sour dough pizzas and brunches. Truly fantastic. They also know how to make a clean, crisp and strong coffee with the best roasted coffee beans – something that will get your taste buds in full spirit and definitely satisfy your daily caffeine fix. Everything they sell is handmade by them, which makes it even better!

We finally made it to Foxcroft & Ginger with grumbling stomaches, excited to see what delicious treats they had on offer today. After being greeted by a friendly face, we took our seats and studied the menu, what should we eat today? 
Everything on the menu looking so unique and delicious, it was a bit of a hard choice. However, whilst we waited we decided to start with some coffee. A latte for both myself and Sofia, desperately intrigued and excited to try their coffee.
The coffee presented so beautifully, I am a huge sucker for some coffee art. A couple of sugars popped in and away we went. Mmmm, I can literally taste it again as i’m typing and I wish I had mug of it next to be right now. I have never tasted coffee this good before, hands down… not even from Starbucks. It really makes you appreciate these small cafés a lot more – they need more recognition.
After some time to ponder over the lunch choices, we made a decision. Sofia went for a goat’s cheese craft sandwich and I had a chicken burger for myself.

Presented so simply, however the simplicity worked so well, making the sandwich stand out a lot more. Sofia’s sandwich contained goats cheese, kale, walnut pesto, figs & candy beet on focaccia and it got a thumbs up from my fellow food lovin’ friend! 
My burger was positively the BEST chicken burger I have ever had. That is not even an understatement. Firstly, the chicken was beautiful seasoned with what tasted like garlic and other herbs which was divine. The bun had a soft crispiness on top and was so soft and doughy under the top layer. Normally, it is served with kimchi inside it but I asked for it without it, so what remained was a melted layer of cheddar and citrus mayo. Simple, yet it blew me away. 
I also love the fact that they were served with tortilla chips, it is something I tend to do when I am home, a sandwich in one hand and a bag of crips in the other. 

As full as we were already feeling, we could not leave without trying their scrumptious cakes, so we decided to order another coffee and enjoy some sugar treats. Sofia ordered a cappuccino next and I had another latte.

We ordered a slice of banana bread and a lemon cake. The banana bread was delicious, it was warmed slightly too. Lovely and soft, boasting a little bit of cinnamon with a lovely coating on walnuts on top. However, the lemon cake was a bit disappointing, especially as I love lemon cake. It the cake itself was quite dry and the lemon flavouring was a bit faint, would have preferred it to be a little more flavoursome. 
All in all, the service was great and very attentive, the food was delicious and I would probably return there again. 
Foxcroft & Ginger
Berwick Street Market
3 Berwick Street 

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*Our meal was complimentary, however all the views and opinions are my own.
Until next time…