Secret Agent Puzzle Solving at clueQuest

The amazing thing about living in London is there is always something new popping up, different food pop-ups, once in a lifetime experiences and exhilarating days out.


I recently found myself in Kings Cross with a group of friends from university, having a day out celebrating our thesis hand-in. If our thesis wasn’t enough of a challenge, we decided to test our brain strength at clueQuest; one of London’s much loved live escape experiences. Working as Mr. Q’s secret agents, we worked together to crack codes, find keys and unlock locks. By using various tools, your team uncovers clues to deactivate the evil SheepMutator and stop Professor BlackSheep turning humans into fluffy woolly livestock. Except, you only have 60 minutes to do it!


clueQuest is an experience in which is great for group ranging between 3-5 team members. I picked my team of 4 based on their brain strength and ability to solve puzzles… only joking! There was a nice range of puzzle solvers, each contributed a different attribute to the team in order to deactivate the SheepMutator and escape the room remaining as humans.

None of us had ever experienced anything like it before, but we were certainly up the for the challenge. As we entered the room, there not knowing what to expect, there was a sense of nerves running through all of us – we only have 60 minutes and we wouldn’t let this game defeat us!

The soundtrack that plays in the background gives you a real sense of urgency and keeps you on the edge, especially when you’re unable to locate or solve the next clue. Friendships were tested at certain points, but it’s all part of the fun in trying to solve the puzzle.

The scenes and decorations are well thought out, with mysterious lighting which leaves you feeling like a real agent on a mission in a film, trying to be a hero and save the day.

Here is what my teammates thought of the experience:

 “Exhilarating.  A completely interactive experience, using your brain and initiative to think outside of the box. A thrilling, exciting and tense game.” – Esther

 “One of the most fun things I have done in London yet!” – Lori

“I would love to go back and check out the other rooms next time.” – Sofia

“Never experienced anything quite like it before.” – Lizzy

Clearly we were not the only ones that loved the experience at clueQuest, as it is a major hit for other tourists and London residents on TripAdvisor, where most of the 1400 reviews were rated as a 5* experience.

I’m sure many of you are sitting on the edge of your seats, wanting to try it out for yourselves. Am I right? Of course I am! If you’re one of those people, then it is your lucky day. I’m offering a chance to experience the ‘Revenge of the Sheep’ room along with up to 4 friends/fellow agents. Interested? You can enter by clicking this Rafflecopter giveaway link and following the instructions. Good luck everyone!

Until next time…

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