Night Skincare Routine

After a long day of being out and about, the pollutants in the air layering over your skin and your pores clogging, you need to get rid of all the nasties and give your skin the right care it requires. 
After all, you only get one face, so treat it right. It will return the favour and make you look good all the time, year in and year out.
Don’t make skincare a chore, make it a routine and receive the results you have been longing for. Just keep them on your bedside table and in the bathroom, to give you that gentle nudge to do your night skincare routine.
I use the Bulldog Original Eye Roll-on at night, because I find myself forever touching my face. I tend to teary eyes in the cold and on windy days, so it ends up just coming right off. Where as when I am asleep, there is no chance of it coming off and gives it longer to soak into the skin before my morning skincare routine. The roll on makes it really quick and easy to apply, releasing those dark circles and under eye wrinkles.
Next up, WITCH Spot Stick. I am extremely lucky to say that I barely get spots, but when I do they are bad! I found myself feeling helpless because for there was nothing I could do to reduce the redness and the size of the spot, so I picked up bag-able size spot stick that is always available to apply on bad spot days. Remember to wash your face first because applying the spot stick. Rubbing it on at night, gives it the night to reduce any unappealing redness and size, ready for the next morning.
You have probably seen this lip balm in an early post, but it really is a godsend. The Burt’s Bees Nourishing lip balm is fabulous. I get horrendous dry lips during the winter months but I hate the shine that most lip balms give. Applying it night gives it time to really work and also it prevents it being removed by any food or drink consumed during the day.  
My everyday go to face wash/scrub (as it has been for the past year or so!) the LUSH Let The Good Times Roll is another rave worthy product. It is a cross between a face wash and a scrub, making it usable on a daily basis. I wash my face with this produce first, before I do any of the above skincare. It remove all the dead skin, dirt and really opens your pores. My face loves it and I am sure many others can agree.
After all the above skincare has been carried out, I seal it all in with a night energising moisturiser. Part of the No 7 range found in Boots, No 7 Energising Supercharge. It is so light, so I don’t even realise I have put it on, it also gives the skin a nice cooling sensation on initial application. The benefit for using this moisturiser is that it leave your skin feeling charged, fresh and ready for the day.