Mothering Sunday; Dedication To My Mother


For every day that passes, it is another day you have given me a chance to exist in this world, dear mother. I can’t simply sum up in a few words how much you truly mean to be, so it only felt right to express myself in the best way I know how.

My mum is quite the extraordinary sort, she will never complain when she’s feeling under the weather, she will never let anyone see anything but a smile on her face, she will go out of her way to share the goodness of her heart with whoever she can. My mother, she is the extraordinary sort, she fills me with joy, she wipes away my tears and reminds me it’s cold.

She shows me what unconditional love is, something I never really understood until I realised the small things she does without me realising. The little notes, the extra goodies when i’m moving back to London after a long summers break, the home-cooked frozen food for when nothing gets you through the day than your own mothers cooking, filled with love.

My mother taught me right from wrong, what I should do and what I shouldn’t. She taught me the art of respect and knowing your self-worth. She taught me how to let go of anger and jealousy and how to live ever so contently. Most of all, she taught me elegance.


I mess up, she cleans up.

I trip, she raises me from the floor.

She sweeps me up, like a bright light in a dark room. My light, my shining star, my angel, my mother…

So, if there ever comes a day when you and I can’t be together, keep me in your heart and i’ll stay there forever.

Remember your mother, always. For she is the one that gave you life, that raised you from child to adult, taught you what you know today and for she will always be your biggest fan and saviour when all is not right with the world.

Love you, forever and always Mum.

Happy Mothers Day! 

Until next time…