‘Me Time’ With Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

As a newly started freelancer and a full time travel and lifestyle blogger, getting in some extra ‘me time’ has been much required. Especially with all the late nights and early mornings that I have been having over the past few months, a little extra TLC has become a mandatory in my daily routine.

I recently partnered up with newest Four Seasons hotel in London, FS Ten Trinity Square to share the facilities of their award winning spa area and new cocktail menu. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know i’m a huge advocate for the Four Seasons brand, not only because you know what you’re getting but you always get the very best. Let me take you on a whistle stop journey on how you take an afternoon out for yourself, Four Seasons style.

Arriving into the below ground floor on the hotel, I found myself amongst gorgeous golden glittery walls and dim lit lighting which set the tone for my relaxing afternoon.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

The lovely staff at the Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square spa greeted us with a fresh floral tea to sip on whilst we filled out the essential paperwork before having a spa treatment. I was then lead into the extensive changing rooms with electronic locks, luxe Hommage amenities and lockers kitted out with everything you can possibly need to get your afternoon kickstarted.

When I was taken into my treatment room, the them of gold walls follow it through to the detailing of the massage table, which even had a warm duvet resting over the towels. My treatment was a personalised Amala massage which is tailored to focus on all the points you specify to your therapist. They use specific and unique techniques to target any issue rights at the core. I was told that the purify oil would be best for my massage after my 5 minute consultation about my massage.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity SquareFour Seasons Ten Trinity Square Four Seasons Ten Trinity SquareFour Seasons Ten Trinity Square

My blissful and amazing massage was carried about by Elizabeth (also known as Ellie). I don’t think I have ever had such a good massage in my entire life and I have had my fair share of massages. She focused on the areas where I had tense muscles and did tried some unique techniques on my back, shoulders, neck and head where I carry a lot of my tension. The thing that I loved the most is that she actually listened to where I needed extra time to be spent and in relieved a lot of tightness from the muscles that run from my neck into my head. Nobody has been able to relieve the tension or pain during any of my past massages, until my massage with Ellie. That alone was enough to put it into the category for the best massage I have ever had.

Ellie suggested I take some time in the sauna to encourage my muscles to relax even more and use the hydrotherapy pool to get my blood circulating.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square Four Seasons Ten Trinity SquareFour Seasons Ten Trinity Square

The hydrotherapy pool is heated with a range of different hydro-massages that can get your muscles relaxed and increase blood circulation. I have always had an experience with hydrotherapy pools like in Castello Del Nero and Rudding Park, so it was great to see Four Seasons having installed a hydrotherapy pool in their spa.

As instructed, I also spend a good amount of time in the sauna opening my pores and having a little bit of a detox whilst giving my muscles the extra bit of heat required. There is also a steam room at the other side of the pool too, which is great if you have a cold to help open up your lungs and sinuses.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

I was feeling so zen laying down on the poolside loungers, I almost forgot we had reservations to make at the Rotunda bar. After a quick shower using wonderful ESPA amenities in the shower room, we set ourselves up for an evening of delicious cocktails and dinner at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square.

The Rotunda bar can be found under the art deco ceiling of the hotel, amongst the live music played by some very talented musicians whilst the mixologists muster up a pre-dinner aperitivo. The cocktails are themed around the era of which the building was built and the buildings origins.

We opened up the menu to study the list of flappers themed cocktails and the Blushing Violet caught my eye first. The noun of this cocktail is publicity hound, which is presented in the form of a easy, floral and foamy drink. Using violet, white grapefruit, elderflower and sweet wine to muster up this fine concoction. Where as Binny went for the Eddisoned also known as, to get. The context it was ‘to be asked many questions’, made with lemongrass, cranberry, tonic and ketel one vodka giving it a refreshing and citrusy flavour.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

For our second round of cocktails, Binny and I both went for short drinks. I went for the Big Timer, which was known to be a drink for a romantic man. I think I fit that category, don’t you think? It was made with lychee, orange, lovage and Remy Martin V.S.O.P which gave it a balanced and silky flavour. The dehydrated and sun-dried lychees were served on top of the orange garnish, I never knew lychees could taste so different when their environments and conditions were altered.

Binny tried the Corn Shedder which was made with corn, agave, pink grapefruit and Tanqueray TEN. A corn shredder is known to be a young man dancing on woman’s feet. It was garnished with a slice of chargrilled corn and corn sprouts which essentially give you a flavour of a buttered corn for a small shoot. Amazing!

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

The cocktails were so good at the Rotunda bar, you must try them if you’re stopping in at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square soon. After your pre-dinner cocktails, we went on into our favourite Chinese and Japanese restaurant, Mei Ume. Binny and I have visited various times before, so you can read my full review here.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

We are there so often, the team know us by our faces and welcomed us back yet again. We perched at the bar to try out their new Luna Elixir cocktail made with mix of Umeshu Sake, coconut rum and pineapple juice. It was rather easy to drink, maybe a little too easy.

Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

We thought it was a good idea to order our favourite dishes from the menu for dinner and finish our very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon to evening at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square.

Until next time…


I was a guest at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square and my full experience was complimentary.