Linen Suit Style Guide: The Perfect Summer Edition

As we approach the warmer weather in England, I find myself attending various events that are quintessential to British Summer Time, whether it be a trip to Ascot for a day of Pimms, suits and racing or even attending your best friends wedding, which often comes with a lot of responsibility and running around. We all know various couples who would prefer a white wedding under the sun than a cooler, winter wedding.

I often struggle to get on board with wearing a suit in the basking heat, especially as you easily get so flustered and uncomfortable, you almost resent having to attend such events where being suited and booted is a requirement. I know a lot of men are reading this, furiously nodding their heads in agreement. I recently teamed up with up-scale department House of Fraser to see how we could possibly combat this problem together. For all the men that were nodding your heads a few seconds ago, I have the ideal alternative to you that will keep everyone happy and not break the bank either.

Having a fitted suit that is tailored and fits well is so important, so understandably most men have their go to brands for suits that fit their figure. However, keeping this in mind, most of those brands don’t offer a suit that has linen blend in it. I recently discovered Skopes, a premium suit brand that has tailored fitted suits, but also has a line of suits with a linen blend it too – revolutionary!

Skopes Linen Suit - House of FraserSkopes Linen Suit - House of Fraser

The tailored fit Caulfield suit gives the perfect, effortless sophistication for that summer edition, suave look. I personally went for the French Navy suit, but they also it available in Stone, should you want something even lighter and summery.

My favourite thing about this beautiful Heritage Collection linen blend suit is the way it has been designed. The details include a two button, single breasted fastening, straight flap pockets and twin side vents too. It even has a tonal pattern lining, to give it a that exclusive and unique design. The suit can be dressed smartly as a two piece suit, but if you add in the Caulfield waistcoat, you can take it to the next level on the dapper scale!

Skopes Linen Suit - House of Fraser

The blend itself is 55% linen and 45% polyester, giving that sturdy, strong, feel good effect that a suit should give but the high blend of linen keeps it very cool. Especially as for those suits that are 100% linen often get wrinkled quickly when wearing it, which is far from appropriate at a formal event. You can rest assured that your Skopes linen suit will stay in crisp shape and wrinkle-free the entire day with its perfectly mixed blend.

Skopes Linen Suit - House of Fraser

When I styled my suit, I decided to go with a typical crisp white shirt as I love the look of white under a blue suit, but with it being a suit specially tailored to the more balmy days I decided to add a touch of vibrance and floral colours to the suit to make it pop that little bit more, accompanied with an identical pocket square to match.

Skopes Linen Suit - House of Fraser

For the finer details, I went for a designer belt to touch up the finer details and a polished pair of pointed dress shoes. I even picked up the Skopes watch too, which was a perfect addition to the all black detailing, making the entire look more evening appropriate.

Skopes Linen Suit - House of Fraser

If I were to dress the stone coloured suit, I would have also dressed it with a white shirt underneath, without a tie and a pair of tan coloured woven loafers, making it the perfect day outfit. Saying that, both can be alternatively dressed and interchanged with/without a tie and wearing loafers rather than dress shoes.

The duo of suits together would make the perfect combination for a day to evening transition, especially as in Indian weddings we often have two important occasions in one day, meaning I have to be in suits for both occasions. Taking the stone colour and tan combination through the day, before alternating into the more deeper coloured navy suit for the evening, whilst keeping a touch of colour through the detailing.

Whether you’re rushing around at weddings or standing directly under the sun at the races, gents you will be on the ones that at your coolest and most comfortable in your Skopes linen blend suits. I would most definitely recommend Skopes as the brand to help you get through those humid summer months, you won’t look back.

Until next time…

This post was sponsored by House of Fraser.