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As a luxury travel blogger and a avid jet setter, there is nothing I love more than seeing the world and exploring the very best 5* hotels in every continent. Busy fitting in unique, once in a life time activities or catching up on blog posts & social media by the pool. Sleep is the most important thing to ensure you’re on form. I love a good luxe hotel bed, but nothing beats your own bed at home. We all know how much you need your bed after a long trip, especially when the jet lag kicks in. Now you can come back to a luxury bed of your very own with Leesa mattresses.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa understands how much us travellers and bloggers need a good night sleep once jet lag kicks in, so they have designed a innovative mattress that offers a great night sleep without any sacrifices. It has three layers of foam that allows a good airflow to keep you cool during those muggy summer nights, give your body the correct support it requires and maximum comfort. You can say goodbye to sore backs and joints after sleeping on your old cardboard like mattress for many years.
Leesa MattressLeesa MattressLeesa MattressLeesa Mattress

When the Leesa mattress arrived, I was shocked how my double mattress was in such a slim box, but behold inside was the mattress in its entirety. Slowly dragging it out of the box and popping it onto my bed frame, I slowly cut through the plastic wrapping and that’s when all the magic happened. It unfolded to the width of my bed and slowly started to inflate itself. Growing to a full, thick, comfy mattress. Again, I looked back at the box and was just shocked as to how it once fit in that box.

Leesa MattressLeesa MattressLeesa Mattress

Leesa have truly brought out a true luxury mattress that takes care of all your needs and slowly takes care of your post-holiday blues and you go into a deep sleep and dream about your next adventures.

Leesa Mattress

The aftermath of my first nights sleep on my new Leesa mattress. Conclusion? It’s definitely a life changer, I didn’t wake up with a sore neck and slept soundly through the night. I feel like a Leesa mattress could change so many others quality of life just through getting a good night sleep on a good quality mattress.

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My mattress was a gift from Leesa, but all opinions are my own.