Happy 5th Birthday Fresh And Fearless!

Fresh And Fearless 5th Birthday

5 years, a lustrum, half a decade, the amount of time Fresh And Fearless has been going. Let that sink in for just a moment, because I cannot even believe it myself. How did I get to such a significant milestone? The same blog I started as a result of procrastination during my A-levels? Yes, that same blog. The blog that my friends and family thought I would commit to for a week or two and get bored? Yes, that same blog. 5 years later, here we are.

I’ll be honest, i’m thankful. I’m thankful because Fresh And Fearless was honestly never meant to be what it is today. It was supposed to be an online diary for my parents and friends back home to see what I got up to during my university years, but something I did actually expect to stop doing when things got serious after my freshers year. When time dried up, resources became limited and it was a make it or a break it moment, I expected to break it.

I’m thankful for the dedicated and loyal readership that I have gained over the years and the fact that thousands of people actually want to read what I have got to write about! Those who trust in my words, who live my life variously through my photography and have nothing but nice things to say about everything I do. I’m so, so grateful to each and every one of you – mostly because you all believed in me. A lot of people don’t realise how powerful a small bit of belief can be, it’s like fairy dust and you guys seem to shower me in it.

I’m thankful that I learned a new skill. Photography was something I never thought I would be passionate about until I started Fresh And Fearless. Now it’s definitely a part of my life that I couldn’t do without and I most definitely couldn’t imagine visiting a new restaurant or trip without my camera in tow.

I’m thankful because my blog shaped my career path. Graduating from a Biochemistry degree and realising that science wasn’t what I was passionate about after all, but being creative, writing and creating content was something I was totally in love with. This lead me to explore the world of Public Relations and Marketing, eventually finding my passion in Travel/Hospitality Marketing.

I’m thankful to the brands that sponsor the content I write, they see value in what I do and they respect my part of the internet. Never did I ever dream I would be getting paid to create content for brands, travel the world and dine at some of the finest restaurants by the most talented chefs.

Most of all, i’m thankful for all the amazing relationships and friendships i’ve made as a result of Fresh And Fearless. Not only of a work or collaboration level but the amount of work relationships that have turned into personal relationships. The PR’s, marketeers and blogging companions that have turned into true die hard friends.

I’m eternally grateful, humbled and thankful. Thanks for the past 5 years and here is to another 5, i’m ready to get Fresh And Fearless to the next milestone. Let’s do this!

Until next time…