Finding Love On The Road

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For many of us, travel is a nice get away under the sun or to go for a momentous city break. Often enough people travel with their partners or spouses, others travel solo or even with a group of friends. I know many people that like to plan things out, research hotels, restaurants and the best hot spots in town. Others put together an hour by hour itinerary, along with each outfit to be worn on each day. However, I teamed up with a few travellers who had planned everything but to find love on their travels. Something you only would think that happens in fairytales? No no, this is real life.

Lucy left for a long solo travel experience after she broke up with her boyfriend and finding love was the last thing on her mind…

“When I went travelling, I left with a broken heart. I’d just gone through the hardest time of my life, my nine-year-relationship had fallen apart and made me question everything about myself and love. I haven’t talked about it much, but it completely broke me. I had nothing left to do but run, so I booked a flight to the other side of the world. I travelled across Asia and Australia solo for 18 months, using the time to heal and become whole again. It was what I needed, to be entirely independent and self-reliant, to throw myself into life and to learn to love it again. I met amazing people that set my world alight, I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks and I had countless adventures I could never have dreamt of before I left. It was everything. As the months rolled by, I really started to love being “single Lucy”, it was a version of myself I had never been before, before long I couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else. They always say that it comes along when you’re not looking for it and I never realised how right they were until then. I was working crazy hours in Melbourne and barely had time to do my laundry let alone date, but my flatmate forced me to go out on a date with this guy and thank goodness she did. We fell for each other hard and fast, within three dates I was smitten. It was like nothing I had ever experienced and I was completely swept off my feet. After just a few weeks together we were crazy about each other, but the clock was ticking on our time together. We had just two months together until my visa expired and my flight was booked for me to return home to the UK – we had no choice but to be separated for four months. We’re now a month in and still as head-over-heels for each other as we ever were, my countdown is firmly on until we’re back in each others’ arms again. I fell in love twice this year, with an amazing man, and an amazing city, and I can’t wait to be back with both.” – Lucy from Absolutely Lucy

Emma only wanted to visit and work in London for a couple of years, little did she know she would end up living here happily in love…

“Arriving on Heathrow tarmac I was ready for the craziest two years of my life – I was planning to travel Europe, had sworn off any relationships and all their entanglements and I was ready to explore the world.Ever a walking stereoptype I applied for an antipodean job as traditional as L&P and Vegemite, namely pulling pints in a traditional London pub. Our regular pub clientele were a lot of fun, and their escapades whiled away many an hour. Except for one group. Determinedly perched at the lefthand corner of the bar, they would be lounge around, moaning about the world at least 4 days a week; lunch, evenings, occasional afternoons and during suspiciously timed fire-alarms (never before pub opening). We simply couldn’t get rid of them.

The grumpiest blonde of the group (who spent most lunchtimes bemoaning everything he could think of – I once commented to a friend that it wasn’t like he was homeless) mistook my friendly Kiwi way of strangely pronouncing words as an invitation to ask me out for a drink. He did make us laugh, so thought “oh well, why not, it’s nothing serious, I’m travelling. Let the poor bloke buy me a drink”.

Nearly 10 years later we’re very married, living in a grey, rainy country and arguing continuously over the joint ownership of a brown moggy with enormous green eyes (based mostly on how well she’s behaving). We laugh every single day – generally at the same time – and couldn’t be happier.” – Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi

Kelly’s love wasn’t at first sight, but little did she know that the pillow carrying man would be the love of her life…

“I wasn’t one of those girls that went travelling and thought I would find the love of my life…I was travelling by myself and I was happy.  On the last three weeks of my seven month trip, I had the misfortune to meet an Englishman.  I still remember the moment that I first spotted G, he was getting out of a tent carrying pillows and my first thought was seriously who takes a pillow on an Overland Tour, let alone two (he’s still high maintenance to this day, even though he will tell you that I am!)…apparently he was going to our Overland Driver from Vic Falls to Cape Town for the three weeks and I was a passenger on the tour.

G and I had a connection…mainly after using my fleece jacket for seven weeks as my pillow, I really wanted one of his pillows.  I’m going to disappoint you and say our eyes didn’t meet over a camp fire while travelling through Africa…I basically almost fell into the camp fire while drunk and he had to catch me…and then there was the time he found me walking around the camp site with just a towel around me as I was delirious due to food poisoning…he did take care of me for those three weeks as I’m pretty chaotic at the best of times.

When I decided to move to England so I could travel more around Europe and have my OE (an overseas experience for two years on a working holiday visa), G was there to pick me up from the airport.  Twelve years later we are still together and I still nick all his pillows and the blankets.” – Kelly from Around The World In 80 Pairs Of Shoes

Lauren was the realistic kind that thought finding love on holiday was just unrealistic, but it proved otherwise, with major thanks to the inflatable whale…

“I was on a girl’s holiday in Las Vegas and he was also there on holiday with his friends. On my last night, me & the girls had decided to go to a night time pool party at XS which is in the Encore hotel.

After a few hours, I’d noticed Tom across the pool and after hearing his Scouse accent decided to try and start speaking to him! One of my friend’s was sitting on an inflatable whale(!) so I decided to push her over in his direction and our two groups of friend’s sparked up a conversation!

Tom and I got chatting and just instantly clicked. We spent the rest of the night talking away but in the back of my mind I had that niggling realisation that we would probably never see each other again.

Tom asked for my number and at first I just thought there’s no point with us living so far away from each other but I agreed to give it to him and I left, flying back to London the following morning.

I remember feeling absolutely gutted on the drive to the airport! He still had another two nights out there and I was back in work depressed! I thought he would just forget about me but he kept in touch while he was out there and came to London to see me the very weekend that he got home.

That was almost two years ago now and we’ve been together ever since! Obviously having 200 miles separating us is hard work and we’ve spent the last two years alternating our weekends between London and Liverpool but it’s been so worth it. Distance isn’t an issue when you find someone who you really want to be with.

Next month, Tom will be moving down to London for us to live together and we can start the next chapter in our relationship! It just goes to show that not everything in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” – Lauren from Elle Blogs

Carlie’s love for exercise and travel found her love, even if it Strasbourg wasn’t on her travel wish list…

“Strasbourg was not on my travel radar when I moved from Australia to England three years ago. But a couple of girlfriends were going for a long weekend and flights were cheap, so why not!

I left them contemplating room service at the hotel on the Friday night to find a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club, since the original intention of my blog was to chronicle training at different gyms while I travelled around Europe.

He was just another face on the mat that night in Strasbourg, and the next day at a beer festival I was invited to. Though funnily enough, I told my bestie as we left the very friendly gym crew that I thought he was cute.

Later in the year I was in Copenhagen for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp and I recognised his face. There was something about his quiet and thoughtful manner that made me want to get to know him. We realised we’d both be in Paris on the same weekend in a few months time, and pledged to catch up for a drink. I knew even before I left Copenhagen at the end of that week that I couldn’t wait three months to speak to him again.

Months of Skype chats culminated in a very sweet weekend in Paris and almost two years later, we’re planning to end the distance romance (London – Strasbourg) and finally be together in the one place.

“So, what did you think of Strasbourg?” my girlfriend asked me as we headed to the airport at the end of our wine and cheese-filled long weekend. “Oh it’s nice” I replied “but, you know, I’ll never have a reason to come back here.” – Carlie from Gypsy Girl In GI

I am truly grateful to these five ladies for sharing their stories about finding love on their travels. Many people say that you can find love in the most weirdest and wonderful ways, but this proves that doing something you love can bring you the unexpected.

Until next time…