Cocktails With A Twist At Polo Bar, Westbury Hotel

Some weeks become so hectic and exhausting that the only thing that can fix that mid-week slump is a good cocktail. Often enough my friends and I find ourselves in cocktails bars around Soho and Piccadilly Circus, but this time we went west of Oxford Circus into Mayfair.

Besides the beautiful Mr Foggs Residence, there are so many beautiful and luxe hotel bars that reside in the west end. One of which is the Polo bar at the Westbury Hotel. Situated a short walk away from Oxford Circus, it is very accessible by foot into what is a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the nearby high street.

Polo Bar At Westbury HotelPolo Bar At Westbury HotelPolo Bar At Westbury Hotel

Jasimmine and I were seated at a pair of large grandfather chairs that was situated near the bar but towards the corner under dim lighting. It was a perfect spot as it allowed us to order drinks quickly without having to wait to get anyones attention but also it was quiet enough for us to catch up properly.

The waitress had asked if we wanted her expert advice in terms of choosing drinks or if we wanted to pick something ourselves. We opted for the latter option, as we both have particular tastes in cocktails that meant it was our own fault if we didn’t like the drink we chose. Much to our surprise, the cocktail list was very extensive, almost too spoilt for choice. After a little while of deciding we decided on the Pomegranate Deluxe for myself and Pearl Gem for Jasimmine.

Polo Bar At Westbury Hotel

The Pomegranate Deluxe is a gin based cocktail that had a beautiful ruby red colour, with a nice sweet touch which followed with the taste of fresh pomegranate juice and the lemon gave it a little sour twang after which was delicious. I was able to try Jasiminne’s cocktail as all the martini’s come with a smaller version of each of the cocktails – no need to share your drink in risk that they might like yours better and drink it all! Jasiminne’s cocktail wasn’t to my taste though, but it was nice to have the option to try it. The Pearl Gem was a tea infused cocktail with lychee, lime, champagne and pineapple foam. Nice to see more tea-infused drinks being introduced, especially after I tried tea-infused champagne.

The problem with drinking (I can imagine most of you are thinking, are there any problems with it?!) is that it makes you insanely hungry but luckily the Polo Bar offers a great range of different snacks to keep your stomach happy whilst drinking your concoctions.

Polo Bar At Westbury Hotel

Jasiminne ordered the sashimi and sushi platter which included a selection of tuna and salmon sashimi, nigiri and salmon and avocado rolls.

Polo Bar At Westbury Hotel

I had the Greek Meze made up of citrus chicken kofta, pitta bread, a greek salad containing feta cheese, red onion, cucumber and tomato served with tzatziki (a cucumber and yoghurt dip).

If I am honest, the food was a little underwhelming. According to Jasimmine the fish wasn’t very fresh and of great quality and the chicken koftas weren’t not particularly flavourful or presented that well. Especially for somewhere so high end and the prices charged. I feel there could be some improvement on the nibbles front, however the cocktails are just untouchable. They are truly remarkable and worth the money.

The service at the Polo Bar is very attentive and the staff are ever so polite. I would definitely return back for cocktails, but I doubt I would have anything to eat though.

Polo Bar At The Westbury Hotel
37 Conduit St

Until next time…

We were guests at the Polo Bar and our drinks/food was complimentary.