Boozy Bloggers Brunch At Scarlets, Covent Garden

Rise and shine, it is another beautiful sunny day in London. Scorching heat with a light breeze, perfect. What will this Saturday bring? How about a boozy brunch with various other bloggers at Covent Gardens newest Scarlet’s? Two words – YES PLEASE!

Ready, set, let’s go!
The worst thing about travelling to events on the weekends is the fact you are always held up by slow walking tourists and full tubes, not ideal when you have a 11am meeting time. You just have to do the best you can to get there quickly, weaving in and out of people as fast as possible.

Arriving shortly after 11, I was greeted with a bunch of lovely bloggers with beaming smiles that were congregated around a circular table, sipping away at peach blinis. Was lovely to see some old and new faces, but you know me, any chance to make new blogger friends – I am there! 
Once everyone arrived, we were seated on a long table, everyone took their seats and were handed Bloody Mary’s to sip at whilst we pondered over the menu. Drinks, just to look at the menu? Correct! It wasn’t called the Boozy Bloggers Brunch for nothing! 
Pondering over the menu, what to order? There was a lot of talk around the table about ordering the eggs hemingway, but I am sure you all know that I am a strictly not a seafood fan (apart from the odd bit of cooked fish!) so I went for my favourite, traditional brunch dish – eggs florentine. Yum!
Food order was through and out went another drinks order, hello beautiful cocktails. 
I decided to have espresso martini, which got a lot of attention and interest around the table. A few more orders went out for espresso martins, they were just coming in like no tomorrow. Fantastic! 
After some time, food was on its way. The look on every foodies face as their dish is brought out by the waiter was just priceless. WE ARE READY FOR YOU, FOOD!
A few shots of what was served to my fellow foodie blogger friends, it all looks absolutely amazing!
Let me tell you something, the eggs florentine was just phenomenal. Probably the best I have had in London, to date. The eggs were so large too compared to other places, the muffin was perfect – not under or over toasted and was beautiful decorated with chives.
Did I hear that correctly? More drinks coming our way?! Let’s take a look what was served…
Top to bottom – The Scarlet // Piña Colada (left) & Tom Collins (right) // Tarte Tartin
Happy foodies with full bellies, however that was not all… there was a real treat in store that has been  storming all over social media. Alcoholic popsicles!! This is not a drill, I REPEAT… THIS IS NOT A DRILL. 
There was Gin and Tonic, Mojito or Grey Goose Vodka and Perrier. I most definitely went for the Grey Goose and Perrier, which was positively the best popsicle I have EVER had. They were all frozen with a slice of cucumber, lemon or lime depending on the flavour. 
Just wow. Scarlet’s, you definitely knocked it out of the park with this one. A perfect end to a smashing blogger event, where so many stories and laughs were shared in the process of this exquisite brunch. A job well done!
Did you know? Scarlet’s also has a club downstairs too – I bet you didn’t! Open until 3am on weekends, a perfect venue for some food, cocktails and a good old boogie. 
Until next time…

Scarlet’s Covent Garden
1 Upper St Martins Lane
Covent Garden

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