Entertaining The January Blues At Mandarin Oriental London

January is one of those months that everyone dreads. The Christmas fun and New Year celebrations are over, everyone has to go back to work and you hit the slump known as the ‘January Blues’. There is no escaping the fact everyone has to return to normal as best as possible, but why not ease yourself into it?

The Mandarin Oriental have the perfect solution to entertain the blues, so wrap up warm and head out for a night of luxury. Grab a loved one or a group of your favourite people and join us in the Rosebery Lounge.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

Unwind near the roaring hot fire, whilst you listen to the soulful voice of the live entertainment. Providing you the very best of the blues, jazz and swing, to soul, funk and pop. You may even hear a Justin Bieber classic thrown into the mix.

We all know that an evening in London is not complete without a glass or two of your favourite bubbles, followed by an array of cocktails and delicious and theatrical canapés to keep you swaying along to the tunes all evening.

Mine and Binny’s concoction of choice was Ruinart, one of my favourite champagnes. I went for the Blanc de Blancs but Binny chose the Rosé.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin OrientalRosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

Whilst we took our glasses and clinked to being reunited after some time, ready for a night of relaxation in our cosy nook in the heart of Knightsbridge.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin OrientalRosebery Lounge, Mandarin OrientalRosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

We tried a selection of the canapés and were throughly impressed. First, out came the Crab Eclair which was made with Portland Crab, tarragon with a bisque glaze in a classic eclair. On the lower tier were the Woo Has Tortilla made with prawns and piquillo into a crispy tortilla and topped with aioli and Thai basil.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the presentation? I love the little twig and leaf stands that has a birdcage-esque effect for the double tier stand. Very elegant!

Onto the next round, we were served up a few more delicious treats.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

Steak Tartar Nigiri made with beef, onions and gherkin served on a pane carasau wrapped in a oyster leaf and topped with caviar.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

The Tuna Poke was served with avocado in a taco shell with a slice of lime to get those taste buds tingling with zest. The tuna tacos were a huge hit apparently as our waiter told us that many people love them.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

My favourite vegetarian canapé was the Pea Croquette which was made with pea puree and topped with wakame mayonnaise, simple but so delectable.

All this eating and having fun is hard work, which left me feeling rather thirsty. Something only my signature cocktail could satisfy. I asked with anticipation if the bar could make a pornstar martini and they were happy to oblige. I have found that some hotel bars aren’t able to make them as they don’t stock the passionfruit or the puree, but I am chuffed to say that Mandarin Oriental came through for me.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin OrientalRosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

The big question is, was it a pornstar martini that lived up to my expectations? Oh yes! I was thoroughly impressed with their mixology, which won the taste test. Bravo Mandarin Oriental, bravo!

After feeling full hydrated, we moved onto a last few nibbles. Disclaimer: We did try the whole menu. Ooops?

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin OrientalRosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental
The last few nibbles were the steam club which was a steamed bun with chicken, kimchi mayonnaise and a fried quail egg on top. The steam club was my favourite non-vegetarian canapé because there was just so much flavour and excellence in every bite. I’m drooling now…

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

We finished up with scallop miso which was pan fried scallops, onion and tomato compote with yuzu miso sauce and crispy leek.

Rosebery Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

Did I say finished? I mean, dessert doesn’t really count does it? It’s January after all, there is still room for lots more indulgence. This theatrical dessert of Baba’s with orange blossom syrup, cinnamon curd and vanilla cream finished us off for the night. Sending us home full of divine food and alcohol that helped beat the winter chill on the way home.

What a way to spend a weekend evening in such a joyful way. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, it’s running from Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30-9:30pm in the Rosebery Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental.

Go and enjoy yourselves!

Until next time…

We were guests at the Mandarin Oriental and our experience was complimentary.