Bloggers Take On The Tiger Burger Challenge

Ready to release your inner TIGER? We want to see you roar! Tiger Tiger has started a new trend called the ultimate burger challenge and it literally is THE ultimate burger. As fearless food bloggers, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to release our inner tiger and take on this belly filling challenge.
Think MEAT. Lots and lots of meat. A burger containing a 1.2lb succulent chunky beef burger, a grilled chicken breast and crispy bacon (which mine excluded) with a couple of crunchy onion rings stacked on top, a slice or two of cheese and a drizzling of chilli sauce. Now is that a burger or what?! Not only do you have to finish a monstrous burger as such, but you get a generous helping of think cut, skin on chips, a side of creamy coleslaw, a cheeky glass of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Stella to wash it all down.
Now, you can imagine our faces when we heard this? Mixed emotions running through us. Some telling their stomachs the treat they are in for, others mentally preparing for the amount of calories in burger and everyone dreading to be the ‘loser’ who cannot finish the burger challenge and being a foodie fail!
Tiger Tiger thought they could sweeten the deal by throwing Pornstar Martini’s at us, in hope we were being let off the challenge and were in for an easy night instead.
Pornstar Martini
Boy oh boy, we were so wrong. They unleashed the burgers… as they approached our tables you could just hear huge gasps and then sudden silence… everyone had the same thought… “HOLY CRAP!!”
Tiger Burger at Tiger Tiger
There was backing down now, we HAD to do the challenge. On your marks… READY, SET, GO!
Tactics around the table were used, on how to actually get the burger small enough to fit into our mouths. Some removing the bun, others removing the towering onion rings, others cutting it into small pieces. There is definitely a good reason why we are food bloggers!
Safe to say, the challenge defeated many of us around the table but a major hats off to Erica and Katy for being able to finish the burger. Bravo ladies! As the only man there, I felt quite ashamed really… leaving just a bite or two left before announcing defeat!
Food comas, opening of trouser buttons and growing food babies, the struggle was so real. The ladies dressed for the occasion with baggy tops and dresses, so there was room for a bloating belly and  stomach expansion. A challenge well attempted, nevertheless.
A wonderful night with some amazing foodies. I couldn’t have asked for better food or company!
Until next time…
*I was invited to try out the burger challenge and my meal was complimentary, however all views and opinions are my own.