Best film

So it’s been a while since i’ve seen a film that has really got me indulged and that has questioned my favourite film choices.

Today I watched Safe Haven, now that film has definitely questioned my favourite film choices.
I haven’t seen such a romantic, different and amazing film in such a long time, its wowed me so much that i’m kind of lost for words really.

Its just a beautifully put together film. That has many twists and turns that make you think ‘I was so not expecting that’ and puts you in a frame of shock!

I’m not going to tell you the story line because I want you all to watch it and see what you think of it, without knowing anything about it!

I’ve got to say its probably one of my all time favourite films now!

If you haven’t watched it, you’re really missing out but if you have watched it. What are your opinions on the film?

I’d happily watch it over a million times and not get bored of it! Its just a shame that I didn’t get to watch it in the cinema, like I had planned… But I made sure I saw it in the end & it was definitely worth the wait!