Aftab’s Home-Made Spicy Salsa

For those that know me well know that I like to dabble in a bit of cooking here and there. I am a huge health freak (I said it, I put it out there!) so I like to have healthy meals and snacks. This is just another one of my favourites that I made today, so indeed I thought I would share it with you all. It is so simple and quick.

Making the Salsa:


– A blender

– Spoons

– A serving bowl

– Knife

– Chopping board


– Ripe tomatoes chopped up (I would measure it as 1 big tomato per person, but I used 2 and put some away in a container)

– A table spoon of garlic paste (Can use fresh garlic if you wish)

– A sprinkle of salt

– A sprinkle of chopped up chopped coriander

– A chopped chilli (I used a whole chilli for this because I like it extra spicy but you can put a little bit if you are not great with heat!)


1. Put all the ingredients in.

2. Blend for 10-15 seconds 

3. Serve & enjoy! (…I told you it was quick!)

It makes a delicious snack put on some ryvita or makes beautiful accompaniment to lasagne. As you can see I had mine for lunch today with the ryvita. So good!

Thanks for reading,