4 Must-Try Coffee Shops In Toronto

Coffee culture is on the rise. Every morning, city dwellers go on their search for their daily fix. Whether you’re an expert, knowing exactly what roast you want; light roasts with soft and delicate flavours or a medium to dark roast, with less caffeine but a bolder flavour, Toronto has it all. If you’re into quirky cafes that go above and beyond, offering you colourful rainbow lattes or Instagrammable floors to shoot with, I have the perfect places for you.

Presenting four must-try hotspots when visiting Toronto…

Safehouse Coffee


Matcha latte at Safehouse Coffee

Safehouse Coffee is an independent cafe found in the ‘burbs of Toronto. From the outside, you would never imagine it to be a coffee shop, but as you walk in, you’re greeted by white hexagonal flooring, with the cutest “Hi!” sign. It may be an instagrammers dream, but they also some pretty neat caffeinated drinks too. Safehouse is intimate, quiet and the perfect nook if you want to get some hardcore work done or just escape the cold for a well-brewed beverage. Using quality Brazilian beans to make their espresso, you’re taken to a whole different part of the world through with every sip. A must visit when you’re on or around Dunas.

Sud Coffee


Latte at Sud Coffee

I stumbled across Sud Coffee when searching for my morning fix before exploring Toronto. The mouthwatering Italian baked goods that I could see through the window is what grabbed my attention at first, but I had to check it out. As you enter into Sud, you’re greeted with the fresh smell of bread, and coffee – an eclectic mix that could be summed up as “the perfect morning” scent. The interiors are modern with lavish marble worktops and deep emerald booths and draping curtains. The baristas are ready to serve you up their finest beverages in town, however you like it. I went for a latte, which was served piping hot, with a perfect foamed milk to espresso ratio.

Versus Coffee


Rainbow latte at Versus Coffee

Versus Coffee gained a lot of attention after they started creating rainbow lattes for Toronto Pride. And, it’s one of the reasons people still visit Versus Coffee, as there was a huge demand to carry on their colourful lattes. However, many people would argue, when there are artistic touches, the quality isn’t so good. Wrong! Versus take pride in their coffee being the best, especially as it is home roasted right in Toronto. If you’re looking for a good caffeine fix and a touch of colour to brighten up your day too, Versus is one for you.

Hailed Coffee


Chai latte at Hailed Coffee

Hailed Coffee is a hidden gem. Not only does it serve up the best chai latte in Toronto, but it also has some lovely Arabic influences. Their secret ingredient to their coffees is hail, an Arabic condiment called cardamom. The aromatic ingredient is cracked at the right time to the simmering coffee to provide a delectable smoothness. It’s this mix of culture and ingredients that brings a fresh approach to caffiene culture in Toronto, and I’m here for it.

What are your favourite cafes in Toronto?

Until next time…


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