The 2019 Edit: Progress

The 2019 Edit: Progress - Aftab overlooking mountains of Cortina.

It has been a while, hasn’t it? Well, let me first officially wish you all a very happy new year! 2018 was a whirlwind of 365 beautiful days, that summed up one year. The year in a nutshell? It wasn’t such a bad year, after all. The year started not knowing where I was going to travel, other than a list of where I’d like to travel across the year. Left completely unsure if I’d make it, I set off on my first journey of 2018 in January to Cortina. As we wrapped up the year and I looked back on my travels, I realised it was nothing I hoped it would be. I didn’t travel to all the places I originally wished I could, but in hindsight, it was better. I travelled to places that enriched my heart, filled my mind and soul with fantastic memories and it was more than I ever thought it would be when starting 2018.

I never wrapped up my year, last year. For many reasons, but first of all, I didn’t feel the need to justify my year. A lot of you follow me on here because you love the words that are speedily typed as my mind processes, the travels I do and well, for some the photography. You appreciate every post that comes out and read them religiously. Most of you know how my year panned out, while I was proud of it, I didn’t need to wrap it up and stick a bow on top and offer it to you all as a “here in my year through my justified eyes and words”.

I never started this year with a travel wish list, either. As I explained above, the last couple of years that I planned out my travels, they never went the way I wanted to, for all the right reasons. This year, I decided to do things differently, not plan, not put it into words, but just let the universe decide what I need to be this year. For the lessons, for the joyful moments, for the growth and unique experiences, I gain for my travels. You could say, 2019 is the year of the “winging it” travel concept. I’m both nervous and excited, but I think it will teach me to find pleasure in the uncertainty beyond tomorrow. And that everything doesn’t have to be planned out or strategically written, like a storybook titled “life”.

The 2019 Edit: Progress - Aftab and Alice laughing in Regent's Street, London.

2018 was a year of self-love and fulfilment. I went through the year truly de-cowebbing the deepest, darkest corners of my heart that hadn’t been touched in some time. I revied, nourished and found life, in areas I thought were forgotten. And, I started to remember the person I used to be when my heart was beating as a whole. I finished 2018 the better version of myself, the version I knew and loved ever so dearly. It was hard letting go of a year that allowed so much growth, but it was time for a new 365-day chapter, time for new beginnings. As I wrapped up the year, I labelled it “growth” and stored it away.

2019, a new year, a new word. What would this year entail? As the driver of my own life, I decided to start my year with a label, rather than ending it with one. It’s all about trying new things, right? I decided this edit would be called “progress”. While I found myself taking a job that I absolutely love, grew my digital services consultancy business, and Fresh and Fearless last year, it is now time for progress. Moving things forward, taking a fresh step in the right direction and truly breaking open those doors with untruly rusted locks.

I’m so enthusiastic about this new phase, and I’m delighted to be able to share this “progress” journey with you all through my ramblings writing. I hope you will all stick through this year with me, as we approach the 6th year of Fresh And Fearless in a few short months. Let there be lots of salt water, sunny memories, champagne, numerous luxury hotels, uncountable number of flights, thrilling adventures and more exciting blog posts. This is my ride, and I’m READY for it!

Until next time…