Streetwear Styles For Formal and Informal Events

Streetwear is more of a necessity than a nicety these days, and we’re pretty sure that’s a good thing – it opens up your wardrobe to the opportunity of creating some seriously stylish looks whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, and allows you to push the boundaries between formal and informal to give yourself a unique look in any scenario. One of the biggest challenges for a streetwear-packed closet can be finding the right fit for events, with the bold, often brash designs being a little bit off-brand for more sophisticated settings, but still too trendy for relaxed outings. Check out our top tips for finding the perfect streetwear look for every occasion right here!

Formal Looks

This is probably the most difficult side of things, as you’re trying to bring a bit of class and sophistication to a style that infamously rebels against both of those themes. The formal streetwear look is one that needs perfect balance – too much in either direction and you’ll find that the outfit looks disjointed and messy, which isn’t going to play well at a wedding or a big meeting. As is often the case, less is more when it comes to formal streetwear styles, so try pairing your unstructured blazer with a minimalist hoodie or tee, then complete the look with sleek trainers for a perfectly balanced streetwear style. Premium materials are another thing to focus on, as the quality and build of your garments can give a more sophisticated vibe to any outfit!

Alternatively, modern joggers can also be a fantastic asset to have when it comes to formal looks, almost giving off the look of chinos or smart pants whilst retaining that superb comfort than only joggers can create. As with most streetwear fits, the rule to follow here is loose, not baggy, which can be unsightly and unflattering on even the most chiselled bodies.

Going Casual

With casual looks, you’ll probably find it much easier to embed streetwear into your outfits; this is the style’s strong suit, after all. It can be tempting to go for the ‘hypebeast’ mantra of big brands and brash logos on every inch of your body when it comes to casual streetwear, but if you’re looking for an adult streetwear look, you might want to avoid this more childish outlook on this fashion trend. Joggers are great in this aspect as they’re understated, comfortable, and look great when worn well – the ideal way to give a refined look and allow you to go with an eye-catching upper body look without worrying about the ensemble being too busy on the eyes. Iconic hoodies from Gucci and Givenchy are really popular choices thanks to their simple yet on-point style, with Off-White sweatshirts also becoming a statement piece in most streetwear fits as of late.

Layering is always a fashionista’s favourite tool in streetwear looks, so if you’re looking for a cool image that’s got an effortless feel, stick your hoodie under a denim jacket and pair that with some ripped jeans or smart joggers, and those all-important kicks.

Take care when selecting the trainers you use in your streetwear outfits – they’re potentially the biggest part of the fit and have the ability to make or break the look you’re putting together. Plain white leather has been the style of choice recently, but any classic skate shoes are sure to look the part in a casual streetwear ensemble.

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