The Wanderlust Travel Wishlist For 2018

2018 has already come around, how crazy?! It only felt like yesterday that I wrote this post in January about all the places I wanted to visit. Well, I guess it is that time again. Where do I want to visit in 2018? I mean, it’s going to be difficult to top the year of travel I had in 2017, but i’m going to try.

I set myself the target of visiting one destination every month in twenty seventeen and I think I successfully completed that target on the whole, with 14 trips completed. I think i’m going to try and increase that number ever so slightly, reckon I can aim for 20?

I think I want to do a few more long haul flights, with a nice mix of European escapes in between and possible the odd English staycation. However, I think my focus for this year will be based unique luxury experiences. Choosing hotels that have a unique factor about them, like infinity pools in the snowy mountains, those with treehouses and underwater restaurants. However, we shall see what is in store for this fresh new year.

Where do I want to visit in 2018? Here are my 20 destinations:

1. Dolomites, Italy

Travel Wishlist
Credit: National Geographic

I have heard so much about the Italian Alps and nothing is more serene that being a few thousand feet up from sea level, up in the mountains away from ‘civilisation’. As a part of my fearless travels, I have decided that 2018 is the year i’m also finally going to give skiing a go. It’s something that has always build fear up within, but it’s time to step outside my comfort zone.

2. Vancouver, Canada

Travel Wishlist

Everyone that reads my blog knows that Canada is a country that is very close to my heart. I’m longing to go back, as it has been few years since I last visited. Here is hoping that I get to revisit my beloved Vancouver and tour a few other Canadian cities and towns along the way.

3. Santorini, Greece

Travel Wishlist
Credit: Easy Conferences

Santorini was on my wishlist to visit in 2017, but alas I didn’t make it. Here to trying to visit the gorgeous white washed serenity in 2018.

4.  Positano, Italy

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Kuoni

Positano is a destination that has popped up on my Instagram feed various times and it’s also a destination that remains firmly on my bucket list. Here is hoping I can make a quick escape to the gorgeous Italian coast and tick off another thing from bucket list.

5. Doha, Qatar

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Oman Magazine

Doha is another place that I have been longing to visit. I didn’t manage to get time to squeeze it in when I was in the UAE a week ago, but I still plan on going. Especially as I have heard from much about it from Polly and reading her blog posts, it would be too rude not to visit my beloved Polly too.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Travel Wishlist
Credits: HappyCow

Barcelona was yet another destination that was on my 2017 wishlist and I was so close to visiting when I was in Madrid. However, things didn’t work out so it remains as somewhere I am hoping to visit in 2018.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Travel Wishlist
Credit: St Christopher’s Inn

The Czech city of Prague is a firm wanderlust favourite, especially after my close friend Zoe‘s recent visit, it confirmed my aspiration to visit.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Culture Map

More colourful travel is definitely on the agenda for 2018, therefore my longing to visit the Danish capital for a sense of culture and vibrance.

9. Maldives

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Kuoni

Maldives to me is a ‘once upon a time’ destination, one that generally only existed until in my travel dreams. However, when I got an invite to visit Maldives this year, it became a bit more of a reality. Here’s hoping I can fulfil my travel dream to visit paradise in the new year.

10. Bali, Indonesia

Travel Wishlist
Credits: TripSavvy

After reading so many blog posts about Bali, especially Binny’s and Polly’s, I had to add it onto my list for 2018. Here’s to capturing some gorgeous sunsets and some down time, the Indonesian way.

11. Phuket, Thailand

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Thailand Travel

Crystal clear waters are calling my name. Phuket is one of the places in Thailand I really want to visit, combined with beautiful beaches, Thai massages, fresh exotic fruit for breakfast and luxury hotels. Yes please!

12. Moscow, Russia

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Moscow Office

Moscow made it to my list during 2017 and I have Shikha to blame for that (in a good way!), her trip to Russia absolutely blew me away. I must see those beautiful colourful and patterned buildings!

13. Petra, Jordan

Travel Wishlist
Credits: National Geographic

Petra in Jordan made it to my list because of Chloe. After following her trip over Instagram and reading about her experience in the gorgeous Jordanian city, it made me want to go all the more.

14. Mauritius

Travel Wishlist
Credits: African Leadership University

Mauritius is a destination that has interested me for some time, especially with the stunning lagoons and reefs that meet rainforests, waterfalls and unique wildlife. It is somewhere unique and that definitely fits into my 2018 agenda.

15. Reykjavik, Iceland

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Architectural Digest

Iceland is a firm favourite and I have wanted to visit the Nordic country for some time now. I suggested it to my family for our 2017 trip, but the idea of India and the UAE seemed a lot more appealing to them. However, i’m longing to see the Blue Lagoon, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields.

16. Split & Hvar, Croatia

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Reddit

Croatia is a destination I absolutely fell in love with after attending a Visit Croatia event after World Travel Market but if that wasn’t enough to sway me, Jasiminne’s series of Croatian blog posts sent me into a whirlwind of wanderlust.

17. Havana, Cuba

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Sutardja Center

Following on from my love for vibrant, cultured cities, Cuba has been a destination that has been high up on my list for a while. Especially after reading Catherine’s series of Cuban blog posts back in 2014.

18. St. Lucia

Travel Wishlist
Credits: Chanteurs

St. Lucia wasn’t a place that I had ever thought about travelling to until I had followed Angie’s travels and her absolutely luxurious stay at Jade Mountain. Now it’s somewhere I really want to visit!

19. Sofia, Bulgaria

Travel Wishlist
Credits: History Hiker

Sofia is a place I had only heard about once, from a blogger friend that used to live there before moving to New York City. Although, it has been named as a majorly underrated destination and i’m always up for discovering and exploring the less promoted destinations and be surprised.

20. Grenada, Caribbean

Travel Wishlist

Grenada is known to be one of the more untouched Caribbean destinations which is home to various spices and the production of quality chocolate and cocoa beans. There is nothing like having an authentic travel experience, which is why Grenada has made it to my 2018 wish list.

Where do you wish to visit in 2018?

Until next time…