Wanderlust Bites Again

The travel bug has bitten me again. Ever since I came back from
Paris back in March, I have been eagerly waiting to get away again. Every new
day is another chance to see another new city, where every sunset is another
day lost to experience something exhilarating in another part of the
world.  If I had it my way, I would
constantly be travelling, here, there and everywhere. You only get one life, so
why not spend it enjoying the natural beauties that Mother Nature provides us?
My favorite way to travel is in luxury and style, with everything
all-inclusive. After all I spend most evenings cooking and cleaning after
myself, so it is a chance to get somebody else to do everything for me and I
get a chance to finally sit back, relax and sip some cocktails under the
scorching hot sun. That’s what holidays are really all about!
Credit to First Choice for this image.

If I could get up and go tomorrow, where
would I go? It would have to be one of the Canary Islands – Gran
Canaria specifically. A 5* hotel with big pools, bars with extravagant
drinks, authentic food, sports, activities and a spa. Doesn’t that sound like
absolute heaven?!

I bet you’re thinking, why Gran Canaria?
I’m not one to go out clubbing and partying on holiday, I do enough of that at
home. Going on holiday for me is all about seeing and doing things you cannot
already do at home. Maspaloma boasts sand dunes, which is a great chance to
experience quad biking over, enjoying a good amount of designer retail therapy
right by the waterfront (you can do that at home but this is this is a chance
to splurge out – holidays are for spending not saving) or head out to theme
parks and water parks. Everything is so much more enjoyable in warmer weather!
Credit to First Choice for this image.
Spain also only being a short flight away, it prevents those unruly long haul flights and allows you to get away for some real sun within a couple of hours. Almost the same duration it would take to drive from one city to another within England, crazy right?!

I definitely hear Gran Canaria calling my
name… Adiós England?

Have you been to Gran Canaria before? If so, what did you love about it?

next time…

* Thanks to First Choice