The Untold Benefits Of A Spa Break

I am the sort of person that loves adventurous holidays. Climbing onto rocks to get the perfect views, walking for miles to see the sights of the city and wading through forestry to be at one with nature. As great as they are as holidays, they certainly aren’t relaxing in any way. It is really important for me to actually have time away from ‘doing’ and actually having some time relaxing. Personally, I love having spa breaks. I think it’s the only way you can actually dedicate your body to having some well deserved rest and tender loving care.

I’m sharing my untold benefits of having a spa break…

Spa Break Benefits

1. Detox

For those that know me, know that I can’t step away from social media. It’s definitely something that consumes me and as a result I spend most of the day attached to my phone. If i’m not posting picturesque photos on Instagram, i’m connecting with my followers on Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise, I am replying to PR emails and updating my calendar. You get my jist, the list just goes on. Spa breaks are the perfect way to put down your phone and switch off. Maybe even find the time to pick up a good read by the pool.

2. Sleep

Everyone knows that lack of sleep is definitely nobody’s friend. I personally cannot think of anything worse than not having a restful night sleep and then having a full day of work to do. Spa breaks are the perfect place to get into the zone, let go of all your worries over a camomile tea before falling soundly asleep. If that doesn’t work, then spas have the perfect treatments such as yoga, reiki and acupuncture to help aid sleep along.

Spa Break Benefits

3. De-stress & TLC

I think it’s important for your body to feel well looked after and pampered. There is nothing that a full body massage, an Indian head massage or a deep facial can’t sort out. They remove dead skin cells, aid better blood circulation in the body and relieve any aches, pains and tension that is being held within the muscles. Hydrotherapy to help those with stiff joints or muscles, which is something you cannot normally do at home.

Spa Break Benefits

5. Prevention using spa treatments

Spas of today not only work on relieving yourself from aches and pains but it is also helps prevention from any further health problems from occurring. Stress related issues are often see within many spas and are targeting them with specific massages, treatments, acupuncture, exercises and meal plans.

What do you think of spa breaks? Are they something you could consider?

Until next time…