Top 5 Things I Want To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona has been on my wanderlust wish list for the longest time. I’ve only dreamt of wandering the Spanish streets under the basking hot sun, sipping on jugs of sangria and eatings lots of tapas. Reading about other fellow travel bloggers who have discovered the hidden gems of the city, has only made me want to visit more.

Through my extensive researching, reading different blogs, I have complied together my top 5 things I would love to do when I make it to Barcelona.

1. Cocktails at the W Hotel Eclipse Bar, Barcelona

W Hotel Eclipse Bar, Barcelona
Photo credit: W Eclipse Bar

Ever since I looked into visiting, I had my eye on having drinks at W Hotel’s Eclipse Bar. Nothing would be more special than toasting over a cocktail, whilst watching the sunset over the city. Just imagine it… total bliss.

2. Visit the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Photo Credit: Dezeen

Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia has been on my bucket list to see in person. I think the architecture of such a beautiful church is just phenomenal. It reminds me of the Matthias Church, but just on a more grander and complex scale.

3. Experience the Magic Fountains of Mountjuic

Magic Fountains of Mountjuic, Barcelona
Photo Credit: HolidayMe

On my travels, I like to visit and see unique things. Saying this, every summer there is a the coloured fountain show, called the ‘Magic Fountains of Mountjuic’, bringing thousands of tourists and locals to experience something so simple yet gorgeous.

4. Day trip to Montserrat Mountain

Montserrat Mountain, Barcelona
Photo Credit: Barcelona Walking

Whilst Barcelona has many beautiful spots to offer in the city, I think I would love to hire using Avis’ Barcelona Car Hire service and venture out to Monserrat Mountains and go for a hike. Nothing would be more satisfying than reaching the peak and seeing these breath taking views of rural Spain.

5. Visit Park Guell

Park Guell, Barcelona
Photo Credit: BCN Events

One of the things my friend Binny recommended when she went to Barcelona was to visit the mosaic and view of Park Guell. It’s stunning view point to see Barcelona from above, not forgetting the vibrant colours that span across this view point and on the roofs of many buildings.

My friends at Avis also have some great tips on their favourite places in Barcelona. Be sure to take a look at their guide!

Have you been to Barcelona before? If so, what are your favourite parts? 

Until next time…

This was post was in collaboration with Avis.