Special Birthday Brunch At The Delaunay

Fresh And Fearless will be three years old next month. It is just so crazy to think that so many years ago it all started, but I have never looked back since. My favourite part about expanding my blog since I came to London is the people I have met and friends I have made. This year, is my first year that I truly felt close enough to my friends made through blogging to organise something for my birthday. Taking away the courteous introductions and small talk made at events and getting down and personal outside of the blogosphere, into real life.


The choice of venue was The Delaunay,  because it had been on my list for as long as I can remember and there is no better occasion to tick it off!


The venue itself is truly magnificent. It had an warm, vibrant Italianate vibe going with a lovely enjoyable atmosphere.


We all started with a bit of a caffeine fix. Saturday morning brunches aren’t complete without atleast one up of coffee, to jump start the day especially after a nice long lie in.

The menu looked absolutely terrific, however when I spotted caramelised pink grapefruit on the menu, I just had to order it. Even though i’m particularly known for my extreme sweet tooth, there are some deviations that I simply cannot live without.


All the #foodporn right there. Just looking at this photo makes me want to run all the way back to Covent Garden just to eat it again. The caramelised sugar on top just make my inner sugar fiend super happy. Served on a beautifully chilled holder filled with ice, it kept the whole grapefruit perfectly chilled and even more enjoyable. Did you ever think one person could write so much about pink grapefruit?!

The mains were on there way out, starting with Catherine’s stacks, I mean, pancakes (a little running joke!) with cranberry and pear compote.


They looked so light and fluffy. Catherine gave us the thumps up, so they must have been as good as they looked!


Ellie ordered the omelette with herbs, gruyere cheese, mushroom, tomato and onion. It looked insanely good! I could have easily had that, with a slice of toast. Mmm, dream!

Where as on the other side of the table, Angie and Felicia decided to go raw.


Felicia ordered this gorgeous looking steak tartare with toast and an egg on top. Deeeeelish!


Angie went for the citrus cured salmon tartare with a beautiful light salad to accompany it. Apparently Angie felt it was a bit heavy on the raw onion, which was a shame but other than that it was very enjoyable.


Emma and Sheepa went for the Eggs Arlington. I loved how much salmon they put on top of the muffins, wrapped around in a circle with the egg placed beautifully on top. I have to say, the Eggs Arlington (and Florentine, which I ordered and surprisingly forgot to photograph, doh!) were supersize. Never seen them so big before, so you definitely get quality and quantity at The Delaunay.

All of us feeling unbelievably full, whilst still eyeing up the desserts section, then I had a little surprise… a surprise that might have made me tear up a little… (just a little, I promise!). The queen baker, Sheepa had made me an extravagant Nutella and chocolate cake, with Ferrero Rocher chocolates on top.


How great does it look? It tasted even better, trust me. So good. Everyone took some home, I even gave some to my best friend and my sister had some too, all sharing the same opinion. Sheepa is truly one talented lady.

A fantastic brunch, celebrating my birthday in style. Great venue, amazing food and the best company!


I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends, that have all been made through blogging. Who would have thought?! Here is to many more birthdays spent with this gorgeous bunch.

The Delaunay
55 Aldwych 
Covent Garden

Until next time…