Men’s Spa Haven At Gentlemen’s Tonic, Mayfair

I have always been the sort of guy that keeps on top of my skincare routine, I think my entire bathroom shelf of 50+ products speaks for itself. I personally feel that you only get one chance to look after your skin and body, look after it well and it will look after you. That has always been my motto.

In between my many travels over the past few weeks, my skin had felt a little bit worse for wear. Sometimes it isn’t about your usual skincare routine, it’s just about having that extra love and attention provided to your skin. As a result, I popped into Gentlemen’s Tonic in Mayfair. It is a spa and grooming facility that focuses on every man’s needs. From hair cuts to full body massages, from facials to manicures and pedicures – they do it all.

Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair Gentlemen's Tonic, MayfairGentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair

It have previously used some of Gentlemen’s Tonic’s products in the past and I was rather impressed, so I was excited to get some ‘me time’ and have a bit of a luxurious pamper morning.

I definitely needed a good facial, so I went for a Booster Facial and a deep tissue massage on my back. My back is the worst for knots and I often find a lot of my tension sits around my shoulders, neck and lower back. Especially when you’re on various flights, sleeping in different hotels and often at my MacBook writing up my blog posts. Here is to hoping this combination would set me right again.

My therapist was Louise, who is the head therapist at Gentlemen’s Tonic and she also developed Gentlemen’s Tonic new derma range too.

Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair

I started off with my back massage, which felt amazing. Louise was very understanding of areas that could be sore and different amounts of pressure would need to be applied in those areas. She was also very quick to figure out where most of my tension sat and focused a little more of those areas. Using different techniques and methods, I could slowly feel the tension leaving my back and some of which went up towards my neck. There after she really worked on my neck to loosen the tight muscles and finished off with a Indian head massage to relieve any stress I was carrying and tension that may have risen to my head.

After my massage, it was time to start my Booster Facial. Louise first assessed my skin and asked about my current skincare routine before proceeding. The Booster Facial is a top up facial that essentially revitalises the skin. As I already had a good routine, she felt it would be more beneficial as opposed to a full facial.

First, my face was cleansed with Invigorating Gel Cleanser, before it was removed with a steamy hot towel. Louise then proceeded onto applying a layer of Active Antioxidant Peel and was left for the product to activate and take action on my skin.

Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair

The peel was then removed, again with hot towels to really open up my pores. Normally this would be the time to apply a face mask, whilst the pores are open, so it can get inside and really clear out the dirt. However, I opted to have blackhead extraction done instead of a face mask. Therefore, Louise applied some B intensive lotion and then carried out the extraction process.

Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair

My nose and cheek areas were clear of any horrible black dots, hooray! After the extraction a Brightening Serum was applied, where the micro particles could penetrate through to the lower layers of my skin. To finish off, a moisture fuel moisturiser was applied to lock in the hydration.

Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair

My favourite part about Gentlemen’s Tonic is that there is a shower in each of the treatment rooms, that allows you to freshen up in the privacy and comfort of the luxurious treatment rooms. Each of them are kitted out with their very own Gentlemen’s Tonic shower amenities and also a range of post shower products to be used too. Louise also kindly left out a hairdryer for me to use, so I could whip my hair back into place.

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Gentlemen’s Tonic and I can definitely say without hesitation that I will be back for some more treatments in the future.

Until next time…

I was a guest at Gentlemen's Tonic and my experience was complimentary.