Mens Concealer: High End vs Drug Store

As more and more men are using cosmetics to improve their appearances, I thought I would share my experiences on using a high end branded concealer verses your more reasonably priced drug store concealer.

There are so many rumours that go around. Some say, high end is the only way and others say drug store products are better than high end products. So let’s put it to the test and find out!

Tom Ford and Recipe For Men Concealer

I’m sharing two of the most marketed and popular men’s concealers. It’s been a while since I last spoke about the Tom Ford concealer. On the left is the famous Tom Ford for Men concealer in 03 Deep and on the right there is the Recipe for Men concealer in 0.3 Dark.

Bearing in mind, these are the darkest shades in both of these concealers, which I feel is a little unfortunate. However, i’m hoping as there are they become more in demand, the range of colours will grow.

Shade/colour: Personally, I think the Tom Ford range has a more ‘natural’ shade that fits to my skin tone better, where as the darkest shade that Recipe for Men have to offer makes me look slightly ghostly.

Concealer Shades

Application: I always apply moisturiser to my skin first before applying any concealer as it makes it easier to apply. I have found that the Tom Ford concealer is very easy to apply and blends throughly to pretty much match my skin tone. The Recipe for Men concealer is most liquid based and has a great twisty end to release the contents and a chiseled tip to apply directly where you require it, but I don’t think it blends very well. It’s some what difficult to actually blend it out as it can be quite sticky and resistant.

Coverage: Both of them offer throughout the day coverage, which is fantastic. However, each concealer has it’s benefits. The Tom Ford concealer is great around dark circles and pigmented areas of the skin, it covers it up beautifully to match the natural skin tone but requires a couple of applications to cover up blemishes. Where as the Recipe for Men concealer is great for blemishes, as it requires a single application for a good cover up, but when it comes to pigmented areas, it in fact makes it more obvious rather than covers.

Value/Availability: Tom Ford is priced at £32 for a stick, available from Harrods, Harvey Nichols or Selfridges. Recipe for Men is priced at £17 per stick and is only available online from Mankind.

Overall: Personally, I have definitely been won over by Tom Ford’s range. The colour is more appropriate for my skin tone, the application is a lot easier and gives an overall natural look when blended in. It covers the darker pigmented areas well and also blemishes, with an extra layer along with all day lasting coverage. You spend more, but you truly get more for your money with Tom Ford.

Until next time…