Luxury Interior Design Onslow Gardens Knightsbridge

The bright and airy one-bedroom flat that now nestles in the middle of Onslow Gardens in Knightsbridge is a world away from the dingy, uninspiring space that was initially shown to Juliettes Interiors.

Their design team was charged with the task of remodelling an unloved and tired apartment into an engaging and contemporary home suitable for the London rental market.

The stylish living space that they created is indeed a testament to their talents and unique flair for luxury interior design.

Inspired by the many trees and abundance of natural foliage in Onslow Gardens, Juliettes Interiors endeavoured to create a design that would welcome the colours of this stunning exterior greenery into the living area itself. To this end, an astutely positioned glass dining table was placed next to one of the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The polished glass served to reflect the tones and shades of the gardens into the open-plan home. A large, elegant mirror was hung on the opposite wall, framing these reflections and giving the space a delightfully light and fresh, spring-like feel.

Having ushered these natural colours inside, the designers then chose neutral shades to decorate the apartment itself. The neutral decoration acts as the perfect backdrop to accentuate impressive feature pieces such as the luxurious velvet sofa and the elegant, brass handled desk.

In addition, moss green cushions were artfully scattered around the sumptuous interior, their colours simultaneously a reminder of the green gardens outside whilst also accentuating the verdant palette streaming in through the large windows.

Soft textures were utilised throughout the living area, giving the space an easy, relaxed feel.

Adjacent to this open plan living area is a fresh, light kitchenette with another floor to ceiling window. The kitchen was given a stylish, minimalistic design, yet the ample amount of cupboard space and storage allowed it to remain practical whilst still maintaining a delightfully sophisticated cosmopolitan look.

What was once a dark and dated bathroom was transformed into a sleek, modern bathing area. Stylish spotlights on the ceiling light up lustrous granite coloured slabs and the large mirrors and contemporary glass shower door lend a spacious and airy feel to the room. Finished with light-washed floorboards, this room is, on the one hand, functional whilst remaining elegant and inviting.

The bedroom boasts a striking feature bed and large floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. Soft-lit elegant lamps sit atop chic bedside tables giving the room a homely, welcoming character. A central feature mirror hangs on the wall, and several pieces of luxury furniture, sympathetic to the aesthetic of the bedroom complete the space.

Walking into the completed apartment today, the change is remarkable. Juliettes Interiors has breathed new life into the dark and unwelcoming apartment. With a combination of time, hard work and an experienced eye for detail, they have expertly crafted a desirable and inviting home.

This is a flat that would appeal to anyone from the city professional to the newly-wed couple looking for their first place.

The finished apartment really is the epitome of luxury interior design.

Until next time…