Living The Interior Dream

I have always had a vision of how I want my life to be in the future, ever since I was a little boy. Big house, with lots of land and pretty interiors. Clean and fresh white walls, an open plan downstairs with long spiral wooden staircases and large plain windows with dark frames overlooking the vineyard.

Some will say, you’re only 22. How can you already know exactly what you want your house to look like? Well, that’s because I do research procrastinate. When I’m not sitting at my desk doing hard work, I find myself lounging around in my bed, with a tub of ice-cream planning out my future (and everything in it). A hopeless dreamer some would say, others would say I am a go getter.

When I was looking at pretty interior design ideas, I came across some really interesting layouts and designs. Some that would have never crossed my mind before, but now it’s all I want.

Interior Dream
Credits: Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger

The windows in this house’s layout are just perfect. Big and bold with the exact black frames I would be after. Not to mention the gorgeous open fire with stunning white casing and the built in flat screen above to match. Imagine watching festive movies, fire blazing nestled into a soft luxury sofa.

Interior Dream
Credits: Kitchen Design Ideas

Keeping the trend of white, crisp with small bits of bold colour and warm lighting. This kitchen setting is perfect. A central counter that the family can gather around whilst dinner is being prepared or could even be turned into a breakfast table if stools were added to the end of the counter.

Interior Dream
Credits: The Home Style

The minimalist theme would be carried through to the bedrooms, however with less white and bolder colours. I feel like your bedroom should be a place of relaxation, comfort and should speak for itself. I love this design because it does exactly that.

Not to mention the main attraction of the room, a sliding glass door walk in wardrobe opposite the bed, with shoes and accessories to one side and clothes of the other side, with another door between the two sections that leads onto an en-suite. Can we just sit back and appreciate how amazing that would be?

Clearly, I spend too much time looking at interiors and planning out my life long dream house. All in the name of research for when I am earning the big bucks and designing my home to this level of interior perfection.

What are your interior goals for your current/future home?

Until next time…

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