AirPop: The Future of Face Masks

Ok, masks have officially become a part of everyone’s ‘leaving the house’ regime – phone, wallet, keys…mask!

Introducing AirPop, one of the best masks I’ve come across – a game changer in the face mask market. They’ve been present in the market since 2015 but due to the current global situation they’ve seen a massive surge in uptake…they’re also brilliant.

AirPop delivers superior performance by solving three critical issues: fit, filtration and breathability. Their revolutionary design includes a patented seal ensuring a secure fit while the 3D Air Dome allows cool airflow and prevents that “smothered” feeling. They’re also certified by accredited labs to filter >99% of particles and droplets two-ways – inside and outside. They’re also sustainably produced, with a substantially smaller carbon footprint than the other products out there.

For me, the knowledge that I’m receiving and giving a higher level of protection is a massive plus – the fact that I can ACTUALLY breathe using them, makes these an absolute must have in my book. You can buy them directly from AirPop.

Until next time…