9 Fun And Fabulous Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a destination that many people have on their travel whilst list. It’s a city that oozes a sense of luxury on another level. The man made city has become one of the fastest growing cities in the last ten years, where sand and water has been swapped with high rise buildings and some of the finest luxury hotels and restaurants. Understandably, it’s a place to visit at least once in your life.

As a luxury travel blogger, Dubai was somewhere that was high up on my list of places to visit for a long time. I finally ticked it off my bucket list, along with the many unique and fun activities there are do to there. Therefore, i’m sharing all the must do things when visiting Dubai.

1. Visit the Desert and go Dune Bashing

Dubai Dune BashingDubai Dessert Safari

Just seeing miles of dessert was something I have always wanted to see and experience, especially as the sun sets overhead and you just feel at one with the mother nature. Those experiences are the kind that nobody can take away from you. In addition to visiting the desserts, dune bashing is something you have to experience. You get the thrill of being launched of huge dunes in a 4×4 car, nothing beats it.

2. Take a ride on a old school Abra

Dubai Abra

The Abras are still an authentic part of visiting Dubai, which are located in the old side of Dubai. It costs only 1 dirham which is paid to the driver to cross over to the old souks. It’s quite an authentic experience that you won’t forget anytime soon.

3.  Wander around the spice and gold souks

Dubai Spice SoukDubai Spice Souk

The spice and gold souks are a must visit. They are another gem of old Dubai filled with many small shops that sell fresh spices, including different variations of saffron. When you’re there you can pick up an array of shisha flavours, even small gifts that made using sand and are absolutely incredible. My favourite part was finding these treats that were basically almond stuffed into a large soft date covered in milk chocolate, so good!

4.  Watch the Imagine Light Show

Dubai Imagine Light Show

It was crazy to know that barely anyone knew about the Imagine light show, but it was so worth a watch. It’s based on the concept of holograms, laser lights and fountains. Holograms seem to be a huge thing in Dubai now, especially as they did a hologram show for New Years Eve on the Burj Khalifa rather than fireworks.

Dubai Cheesecake Factory

If you’re wanting to go, it can be found on the promenade of the Festival City Mall and you can always go and grab some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory after. 🤤

5. Take a ride on a camel

Dubai Camel Riding

Riding a camel was on my bucket list and I was so happy that of all the places in the world, I was able to tick it off in Dubai. It was an experience especially for someone who rides horses but it would be something I would definitely be keen on trying again.

6. Go up the tallest building in the word, Burj Khalifa

Dubai's Burj Khalifa - Word Tallest BuildingBurj Khalifa's Atmosphere Lounge - Dubai

There are no exceptions for this. When you’re in Dubai everyone must go up the Burj Khalifa. Whether it be to the Atmosphere Lounge for a few cocktails at nibbles (there is a minimum spend of 320 dirhams (£63) per person for a window table and 250 dirhams (£49) for a non-window table) or up to the viewing deck, it is worth seeing Dubai from great height. Plus, you can say you have been in the tallest building in the world – that’s a pretty snazzy achievement.

7. Be dazzled by the Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountain Show

I heard a lot about the Dubai Fountain Show and it’s definitely something else not to be missed. It’s amazing what sort of show can be put on just using water, lights and music. Utterly incredible!

8. Afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab - Dubai's 7-star Hotel

The ‘7-star’ hotel of Dubai, also known as the Burj Khalifa resides by the beautiful Jumeirah Beach. It’s now a typical icon of Dubai and it’s so great to see it in the flesh. However, if you wanted to really luxe things up, you can stop for a decedent afternoon tea in the sky view bar but expect it to set you back by £225 per person.

9. Dinner In Dubai Marina

Dubai's Marina

The Dubai Marina is a must visit at night, when all the buildings are lit up it mimics London’s Canary Wharf but on a more grand and beautiful scale, especially with all the flashy boats that reside on the harbour below. I would recommend stopping off at Asia Asia for dinner when visiting Dubai Marina, its dim lit setting with excellent food and service is the perfect way to end a day in Dubai.

Have you ever visited Dubai? 

Until next time…