5 Best Viewpoints in Prague, Czech Republic

Something that greatly surprised me on my recent trip to Prague was the number of view points to see the city from. Each of the views offer something quite spectacular. Whether you’re looking for a view in a natural setting, where you can have a drink and admire the view or somewhere a bit busier but you can see the river from high point, I have you covered.

1. Large Strahovská Garden (Velká Strahovská Zahrada)

Viewpoint: Velká Strahovská Zahrada

The Velká Strahovská Zahrada was my favourite view point out of them all, mostly because this viewpoint was mostly undiscovered, completely untouched and gave the most serene opportunity to see Prague from above. Sitting at the top of the hill with a couple of ciders (which, only costed £1.40 for a pint of Rekorderlig may I add!) whilst admiring the view. Absolute perfection.

2. Prague Castle

Viewpoint: Prague Castle

The view from Prague Castle gives you a move ‘at level’ perspective on the city, making you feel truly immersed within the capital. You can perfectly see how the new side and old side of Prague differ and it makes for the most idealistic rest point when exploring the castle too.

3. Hanavsky Pavilion

Viewpoint: Hanavsky Pavilion

For those that love having a drink with a good view, I mean evidently that’s a lot of us, head up to Hanavsky Pavilion’s restaurant for a drink. If you want to know exactly where it is, it can be seen from most parts of the city as the the dome shaped building on the hill, it is one that will grab your attention when walking around the city.

4. Petrin Tower

Viewpoint: Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower is the highest point at which you can see any part of Prague and let me tell you something, it’s worth the trek up to the top and the 300 steps just to see this admirable view. It offers a view like no other, especially seeing Prague castle in it’s full entirety and seeing all the orangey-brown rooftops for miles, it’s pretty spectacular.

5. Bankside Viewpoint near Franz Kafka Museum

Viewpoint: Bank side near Franz Kafka Museum

I mentioned this viewpoint in my previous post about Prague that we spent some time on the bankside on our first day, admiring the views of Prague close up. I honestly think everyone needs to see Prague from this perspective. It’s utterly breathtaking. Head towards the Franz Kafka Museum and you will easily spot the bankside that takes you right down to the River Vltava.

Where are your favourite viewpoints in Prague?

Until next time…