I’ve wanted to join the travel link up for months now, but of course my studies have got in the way. However, to embark my last month in education and a fantastic topic I couldn’t not write about, here is my first travel link-up post!

This months topic is Travel blogger problems. When you look past the press trips, the family holidays and the short weekend get aways, there are those few annoyances/regular occurrences that my fellow travellers or I encounter. My excuse normally goes a little something like this… “It’s for the blog!”

1. The need to photograph everything

Travel Blogger Problems

This is something i’m guilty of doing, I photograph anything and everything, not to mention each shot needs at least three clicks just in case the first two didn’t weren’t in focus or the correct angle.

2. The non-tech savvy tourists

Travel Blogger Problems

When handing your camera to a fellow tourist, the initial worry that goes through my mind is them running away with it. However, the biggest annoyance is when they don’t know how to use a camera that involves a detachable lens or the understanding of holding the camera still whilst taking a picture. Blurry photo…again!

3. The ignorant locals

We all get lost occasionally. Okay, okay, some more than others (I blame my rubbish sense of direction and map reading skills!) which results in asking a local person how to get to a tourist destination. What I find in non native English speaking countries, that even if they can speak English, they pretend they can’t just to avoid stopping and helping a lost British tourist out.

4. The strict luggage limits

Travel Blogger Problems

I’ve never been a light traveller, in fact i’m the total opposite. I’m the sort of person that likes to pack their whole house into the suitcase to enjoy a few home luxuries on the move. My weakness is my skincare, I often have to fill a second toiletries bag up just to fit in my weekly face masks and cleansers, this often means i’m forever reaching the luggage limits before even arriving at my destination. #TravelBloggerProblems

5. Not taking enough outfits 

Travel Blogger Problems

This is something I really struggled with when I went to Canada and New York for 4 weeks last summer. I wanted to be in different outfits in all my photos, not having to re-wear anything preferably. Except, this was going to be totally impossible especially when I had to try and match all the outfits with a limited 3 pairs of shoes.

6. Being the assigned photographer

Travel Blogger Problems

Being a blogger and travelling means your camera is attached to your side. This essentially makes you the assigned holiday photographer, entailing of everyone asking for their picture to be taken in front of every tourist spot. This results in no photos of myself anywhere… I may as well have not gone on the trip! 😉

7. The ‘OH LOOK, IT’S A HORSE’ moment

I seriously feel like this should be one of my travel blogger problems. Every country I have recently visited, I have always managed to find a horse somewhere. I promise, I don’t look out for them.

Travel Blogger Problems

Travel Blogger Problems

Travel Blogger Problems

Those are my top 7 travel blogger problems! Have you encountered anything similar or have any of your own?

Until next time…