5 Interesting Things About Luxury Hotels

When travelling from one hotel to the next, you come across the weird, the wonderful and the great. This month’s travel link up was about the most interesting things found in hotels, rooms or different accommodations. However, i’m going to put a twist on my post. I’ll be sharing all the interesting and wonderful things I love about luxury hotels.

There is something so unique about how many hotels perceive themselves as a luxury hotel. Many people a luxury hotel is based on the star rating, but often enough when comparing two 5 star hotels in a similar location, there are interesting parts that stand out more than others.

I’m sharing a few tips on what interesting things stands out to me most about luxury hotels:

Kings Head Cirencester

1. Spa Facilities When I think of luxury hotels, I think of a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Getting a deep tissue massage, sitting in the hot tub with a glass of champagne or sweating out all the stress in the steam sauna.

2. Infinite Pools Okay, well this certainly doesn’t apply to London because of the terrible altering climate and regular rainfall through most of the year but often the most luxurious hotels have infinite pools with the most breath taking views. However, even having a lovely indoor pool with a some what nice view is also enough.

The Scarlet Hotel

3. Scenic Views Some of the most prestigious hotels build their hotels in areas where the views from the hotel room windows are like no other. That’s a trend I often found in luxury hotels. Where as other, more budget hotels may overlook carparks or towards other buildings.

The Scarlet Hotel

4. Technology Many luxury hotels have upgraded and interlinked their systems using the finest technology. Such as using iPads that control the lights, A/C, heating and can even get you a drink or dinner ordered without you having to even leaving your bed. I find that rather fascinating. Some even have the most high tech lighting systems that allow you to adjust your lighting depending on your mood.

5. Service Service is the most important. From the minute you enter a hotel, you feel like you’re constantly being looked after. Little things matter the most, like dropping off your luggage whilst you check and find your luggage already waiting in your room with a bottle of champagne on your bed greeting you.

What are the features of luxury hotels that you find most interesting? 

Until next time…

  • Sophie

    I’m such a sucker for a scenic view too!
    A Story of a Girl

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      I think it is one of the biggest selling point of hotels!

  • A view is so important to feel that sense of place. Lovely list hon!

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Thanks Angie. Exactly! I definitely felt at one with Cornwall with the views from The Scarlet… so dreamy!

  • The technology is such an underrated one! I stayed in my first “technologically advanced” hotel the other day – mood lighting, stereo, remote controlled blackout curtains – it’s crazy!!

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Amazing though, right? Once you’ve stayed at one technology advanced hotel, no other can compare.

  • Ordering dinner without leaving bed is the best 🙂

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      My favourite thing about staying at hotels.

  • I’m all about great service and views….you can’t beat a room/hotel with a view! xx

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Service is so important, especially in a luxury hotel. I’m a sucker for a room with a view too though!

  • Great list! I think that views and service are the things that make a stay luxury for me, as well as unique decor 🙂

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Thanks Marcella. Yes, I totally agree!

  • For me I think it’s when the hotel anticipates your needs before you do. To me, that’s true luxury.

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Oh yes! That’s spot on. If I walked into a hotel room with a champagne bottle and glasses sitting on the table, I would feel they read my mind!

  • Definitely sounds like you travel a completely different lifestyle to me! Any one of those things would shock me in my travel accomodations!

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Haha, I definitely do but I would love to travel the way you do too. Would be a great experience!

  • I need to stay at a hotel with an infinity pool!;)

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Oh you do, it’s so dreamy Tanja!

  • I do love modern hotels but sometimes the tech feels so advanced, I don’t know how to even work the lights! 🙂

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Modern hotels are my weakness. I’m a bit of a tech geek deep down, so I love figuring things like that out!

  • Love this list. Infinity pools and killer views are my nemesis. I’m terrible with the technology in hotel rooms and unfortunately Rich is a bit of a technophobe too – we end up having to call the concierge to come and help us aaallll the time!

    Polly xx

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Thanks Polly! Even better – an infinity pool with a killer view?! I’m quite a tech geek and I get annoyed when I can’t figure it out and have to call the concierge – so I know how you both feel.

  • Asma

    I always take technology for granted, but it is definitely an impressive feature. We recently stayed in a hotel where all the curtains and blinds were remote controlled, my husband was in his element!

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      Me too! It definitely adds some character to the hotel whilst making guests very happy 😉

  • I’m always a budget hotel goer, but I’ve stayed a few luxury hotels and never wanted to leave. That’s probably what makes it luxury for me, it’s so fantastic I never want to go home!

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      I think that’s their plan all along, to get you hooked. I certainly am!

  • all about the view and the service for me – essential to any accommodation regardless of star rating

    • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

      I guess you’re right there love! However, some budget hotels and lower starred hotels are affordable because they don’t have the views to offer.