Getting Inspired By Cornwall

My favourite thing about travelling is you never know what to expect. You can look at hundreds of photos of your destination, plenty of TripAdvisor comments of the hotel you’re planning to stay at or plan your trip in an Excel spreadsheet. However, there is something you cannot prepare yourself for, which is getting blown away by the unexpected situations. This is exactly what happened by my trip to Cornwall last year.

I remember Cornwall being one of those places that never excited me as a child, but I guess at that age it is not an ideal destination for your school holidays. When you hit your twenties and you get into true adulthood, you truly appreciate the peace and quiet. The true serenity that natures brings, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

When I went to stay with The Scarlet, an eco-friendly luxury hotel in Newquay, I truly experienced something no TripAdvisor comment or picture could ever prepare me for. That true reality that pure beauty exists just minutes from your bedroom’s balcony doors, the truest of sunsets and the freeing feeling of seeing miles of countryside.

The simple pleasures of seeing the winter tide crashing into the barren shore, whilst being in a boiling hot tub, whilst sipping on freshly made mojitos like you’re on a tropical island.

The Scarlet, Cornwall

It was definitely a feeling I had never experienced before, but I knew I already wanted to do it again. We all love the beach no doubt, but this was another way to enjoy it, whilst being warm enough to sip on ice-cold concoctions in the middle of winter. I felt on top of the world, feeling like I had missed out on knowing this for so many years.

The Scarlet, CornwallThe realisation that in Cornwall the beach meets the countryside, it was something I couldn’t get my head around it for ages. You would never see a beach directly next to miles of countryside in other areas, not only that, there was sheep grazing on the hills. I ¬†was feeling incredibly mesmerised that I literally got chills down my back. Nature is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Speaking of nature, my favourite thing about it is a spectacular sunset. I mean if you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I have a hashtag called #AftabsSunsets, I think that just says it all. I had the pleasure of witnessing the most breathing taking, ‘pinch me’ kind of sunset.

The sunset was going into its hazy red/orange colouration just as I finished getting ready for dinner with my mum, but I opened the balcony doors and stepped out onto the natural balcony…

The Scarlet, Cornwall

…I wasn’t joking when I said natural balcony but added some character to the hotel. Taking baby steps out on to the balcony, just admiring my surroundings whilst breathing in the fresh sea air, I was greeted by this absolute beauty of a sunset.

The Scarlet, Cornwall

Now I have seen my fair share of sunsets, but this one was just the perfect vision of what an ideal sunset should be. Setting over head, reflecting out onto the sea with a magical glow in the air, over the hills with the intense warmth as the rays hit my face whilst it descended. I stood there for 10 minutes, trying not to blink, taking in every spectacular moment.

I got to experience all my favourite things in one go, luxury hotels, sunsets, countryside and the beach. Cornwall has truly remained as an inspirational place in my heart and The Scarlet will always be one of my favourite hotels that I have stayed at in the UK.

Have you ever been to Cornwall or stayed at The Scarlet?

Until next time…